Lesson 13, Speech Discrimination Tests

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  1. The addition of ____ dB to a SDT score estimates ___.
    8-10 dB, SRT
  2. SRT verifies what?
    SRT verifies your PTA (usually within 5 db)
  3. What is Speech Discrimination test?
    It uses single syllable word lists, chosen so they approximate a sample of speech sounds occurring in an ordinary conversation.
  4. What is Timbre?
    Tonal quality of a complex sound.

    We recognize different vowel sounds because of variations in timbre
  5. What is fundamental Frequency?
    The frequency that predominates.

    In a complex tone, the lowest frequency, being the loudest, predominates.
  6. Overtones
    The weaker higher frequency
  7. Harmonics
    Overtones in exact multiples of the fundamental frequency.
  8. Phoneme
    Is a speech sound

    It composed of several frequencies of varying intensities.
  9. Formants
    Is a range of frequencies in the spectrum of a sound where certain harmonics are relatively loud. 

    They give complex sounds their distinctive characteristics

    Ex: tell a violin from a flute, one vowel from another
  10. What is the most important energy for recognizing speech sounds are the ____ and ____ formants.
    second and third
  11. Third Formant frequency range
    1500 to 4500Hz
  12. Second Formant frequency range
    700 Hz to 3500Hz
  13. First Formant frequency range
    200 Hz to 1200Hz
  14. Most of the energy in ____frequencies of background noise masks out the _____frequencies components.
    • low
    • weaker high
  15. The ____frequencies in speech are always more important for providing intelligibility than ____ frequencies
    • higher
    • lower
  16. Backward masking
    Results when a louder sound occurs immediately after a softer sound, causing the softer sound to be inaudible, even though it occurred first.
  17. Forward masking
    Occurs when one sound follows another closely in time and the first sound reduces the sensitivity of recently stimulated cells.
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