Kenpo tricks

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  1. Describe Chinese sword A and B
    Right foot forward into horse stance, right block and knife hand or backfist
  2. Describe Japanese sword A and B
    • A, right foot froward, right extended outward block, right knife hand to neck.
    • B,  same except attack is left punch and right hand chambers.
  3. Describe Delayed Sword
    • Defense against right punch.
    • Left foot back to 600, right back to cat,right inward block,left hand covers
    • Right front snap kick
    • Right chop to neck, landing at the same time.
  4. Describe Turning the Key A and B
    • Offensive movement from behind.
    • A)Right thrust kick to back of left knee.
    • B)Right stomp kick to back of left knee, using inside of foot
    • Grab both the opponent's shoulders and spin
    • Elbow sandwich to head.
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