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  1. -a portable tester that isolates system malfunctions by monitoring pressure, temperature, and electrical signals from the ECS. 

    {have to turn on MAIN PWR to TEST} 

    - capable of providing signals to the ECS while monitoring other responses. 
    - connects to the aircraft on the left side of the aircraft. ( Electrically / Pneumatically )
    - Pneumatic hoses and an electrical able provides a connection between the tester and the aircraft to take pressure & duct temp. electrical readings.
    ECS Tester - ( A/E24U-T9 )
  2. + Electrical Shock
    - Cable & Hoses on GND 
    (Energy Conservation)
    Safety -
  3. is the lower portion.
    Base Panel (Bp)
  4. is the upper portion.
    Digital Data Panel (DDP)
  5. The main power sw, which si also circuit breaker for the tester, 

    + is located upper left corner of the Base Panel. 
    + the tester receives peer directly form the aircraft. 
    + Power must be applied to the aircraft before the tester will operate
    + A power light (little green light)  is directly above the sw. 

    ON/OFF Power SW (Bp)
  6. - used to connect the tester interconnect cable 

    The tester inter connect able interfaces the BP w/ the Digital Data Panel (DDP).

    - located directly under the on/off sw
    Signal Input
  7. - used to connect Auxiliary Temperature Probe. 

    +located directly under the signal input connector.

    The Auxiliary Temperature Probe - can be used to measure ambient temperatures or it can installed in the aircraft ducting to measure internal duct temperatures. 

    Aux Mode - To Take Readings
    Auxiliary Temperature Input
  8. - consists of four windows that give different readings for selected functions. 

    - top three displays indicate temperature, pressure, and multimeter readings. 
    - bottom display shows the multimeter function
    - displays are determined by the function knob settings.
    Digital Display
  9. - incorporates test points 

    -located on the bottom led-hand corner of the tester under the test point access panel. 
    - the operator can use external multimeter leads to take manual readings. 
    - meter leads connected to the points labeled HI (red lead) & LO (black lead). 
    - 31 additional test points located under the test point access panel. 
    - These test points allow for the use of jumper wires to various elec. readings thru the main pwr cord connected to the aircraft.
    Test Access Panel
  10. - 7 function knobs used for various functions: ops checks & trouble shooting.
    Function Knobs  ( Center Row of Knobs )
  11. - Used to measure both ambient & ducts temps.
    Auxiliary Temperature Probe
  12. found in the storage compartment of the tester. 

    First Cable - used to connect the BP signal input connection to the tester to the aircraft for power. ( main pwr cord )

    Second Cable - used to connect the BP signal input connection to the DDP signal input connection. This cable is called the tester interconnect cable. 

    Third Cable - the extension cable used w/ the auxiliary temperature probe. 

    - One end is connected to the AUX TEMP INPUT & the opps. end is connected tot the aux temp probe.
  13. used to connect the hoses to the aircraft test points, used to unite hoses of the same sized thread.
  14. - used to connect the hoses to the aircraft test points when the thread size if different.
  15. - 13 hoses located in the storage compartment and are used to provide pneumatic connections between the tester and the aircraft. The hoses are used when checking pressure readings.
  16. - Ten foot lead used to check voltage, resistance, & DC milliamp readings using the built-in multimeter (manual mode)
    Multimeter Leads
  17. - Messages are transmitted from the EDC S/C test set DDP display. 

    - Anything Other Than 9 SMAL - Thats the Malfunction.
    DDP Display
  18. - A push button that selects the page number.
  19. -  12 pos rotary sw., utilized during operational checks and troubleshooting.
    Select SW
  20. - a two pos. toggle sw. allows operator to select which page of data to be  displayed on the Digital Display.
    Page Select SW
  21. - a two pos toggle sw, allows power to be applied to the DDP.
  22. - a two pos. sw used to select. AVIONICS or PRIORITY.
    Valve Select SW
  23. - is the same as that located on the lower portion of the tester. 

    - no place for 10 pt lead only for Base Panel
    Test Point Access Panel
  24. - connects upper DDP portion to base BP through signal input cable.
    Tester Interconnect
  25. - connection where the main power cord attaches to the tester. The main power cord gives complete tester interface between the tester and the aircraft.
    Signal Input
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