Lit - Tragedy

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  1. Aristotles 6 Elements of Drama
    • Action or Plot
    • Character
    • Thoughts or Ideas (Theme)
    • Language, diction, or verbal expression
    • Music or song
    • Spectacle, image, or visual adornment
  2. Aristotle on tragedy
    • "Acted not narrated"
    • Catharic:
    • "A certain length"
    • Tragic Hero
    • "Beautiful speech"
    • "Seriously deals with serious characters"
    • One step below epic poetry
  3. Shakespear changed a bit
    • "a certain length"
    • FIve acts
    • ".....these two hours of play." (Romeo and Juliet)
    • Act 1: Introduces problem
    • Act 3: Climax (Prompting the final deed)
    • Act 5: Tragic Deed (Blood bath)
    • Acts 2 and 4: Filler
  4. Aristotle Tragic Hero
    • Noble status
    • Consistent
    • Admirable
    • Real and believable
    • Appropraite to gender and position
    • Hamartia:
  5. Shakespears twist on form
    • Supernatural involvment: Ussually acts 1 and 3, replaces oracle with supernatural force, suicide, murder motivated by revenge or ambition (greek tragedies - murders are usually accidental)
    • Comic relief: shakespear invented it, uses it to keep audience engaged
    • Unhealthy love relationships
    • Insanity
    • Soliloquy: character alone on stage thinking out loud, getting inside character head
  6. The English Renaissance (1485-1625)
    • A rebirth of classical thought
    • Impact of humanism: popular acess to written language, printing press, widespread usage of vernacular, reulting standardization (grammer, spelling), oxford and cambridges expansion (idea, size), "public education" (essentially private schools, as opposed to private tutors)
  7. What is tragedy?
    • Imitates reality
    • Serious
    • Has magnitue (morally important)
    • Complete in itsself
  8. What emotions shoudl it arouse?
    • Pity and fear (must have both)
    • Have to feel sorry for the character
    • Fear same tragedy could happen to us
  9. What is meant by "language with pleasurable accessories"?
    • Imagery/figurative language
    • poetry
  10. What is the most important element in a tragedy?
    • Combination of the incidence
    • Plot****
  11. What is second important element in tragedy?
    Character****(We need a character to relate to, pity and fear)
  12. What are the parts of (Greek) Tragedy?
    • Prolouge
    • Episode
    • Exode
    • Parode and Astasimon (Chorus Parts) - help set up and morally digest the play
  13. What plots are to be avioded?
    • Good man from happy to misery
    • Bad man from misery to happiness
    • Extremely bad man from happiness to misery
  14. What must the perfect plot include?
    • Not a two problem story (double plot)
    • Single problem
    • Has to be from happy to misery cause of action on characters part
    • Main character must realize that he started it
    • In horror the characters are victims
  15. What can and what should produce pity and fear?
    • Spectacle
    • Plot****
    • Dont want to do it through narration
  16. Whatis "tragic pleasure" and how does a poet create it?
    • Pity and Fear acted on stage
    • Sense that one life is better than theres
  17. What distinguishes horror from pity?
    • In horror the character doesnt deserve what they are getting (they are the victim)
    • Pity is because of the characters realization
    • of causing the problem(when it is too late)
  18. What should be expected of the main character?
    • Like reality
    • Good and appropriate (gender and position)
    • Consistant
    • Tragic flaw
    • Noble
    • Cant be a slave or women
  19. What is "artifice"  and how does it hurt the play?
    Has to do with what is probable vs. improbable
  20. What are the 6 kinds of discovery and which is best?
    • Least effective is by sign
    • Made directly by the poet
    • Through memory
    • Tracing steps
    • Best: Through plot
  21. What are the three keys to making a plot work on stage?
    • Make it actually happen in front of them
    • Make it believable
    • Simple story that expands
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