2-1, 8a

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  1. -그루
    unit for counting trees
  2. -근
    unit of weight (600g), used for meat
  3. -다발
    wad, bundle, bouquet (unit)
  4. -벌
    set, pair, suit (unit)
  5. -송이
    bunch, cluster (unit)
  6. -이상
    more/greater than (used with $ and time)
  7. -자루
    unit for counting writing utensils
  8. -짜리
  9. -채
    building, house, wing
  10. -켤레
  11. 가방을 올리다
    to lift a bag
  12. 갖다 자다
    to take/bring over to
  13. 거스름돈
    change ($)
  14. 겨울옷
    winter clothes
  15. 경비실
    security office, janitor's room
  16. 계산(을) 하다
    to calculate
  17. 굉장히
    so, extremely, immensely, terribly, greatly
  18. 그만두다
    to stop, cease, give up, quit, resign
  19. 낭비하다
    to waste, squander
  20. 냉커피
    iced coffee
  21. 단무지
    pickled radish (usually yellow)
  22. 도움
    help, aid, assistance, support
  23. 딩동
    ding-dong (bell sound)
  24. 메모하다
    to take a note, jot down
  25. white radish
  26. 문법책
    grammar book
  27. 바비큐 치킨
    barbecue chicken
  28. 배달(을) 하다
    to deliver
  29. 배달(을) 시키다
    to order take-out/delivery
  30. 비교하다
    to compare
  31. 빵집
  32. 사관나무
    apple tree
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