making multimedia and multimedia skills

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  1. 4 stages of a project?
    • planning and costing
    • designing and producing
    • testing
    • delivering
  2. Planning and Costing
    • Idea/Objectives
    • Multimedia expertise required
    • Structure and Navigation system
    • Time and cost estimation
  3. What we need in making multimedia?
    • hardware
    • software
    • good ideas
    • talent
    • skill
    • good organization of works
  4. 2 most significance platforms
    • Macintosh OS
    • Intel-based IBM PC or PC Clone(MS Windows)
  5. More suitable for multimedia editing
    Apple Macintosh
  6. Cross platform format
    • Mac
    • Windows
  7. Multimedia software tells the hardware what to do
  8. Develop a sense of its scope and content
  9. Develop an organized outline a plan that rationally details the skills, time, budget, tools and resources we will need for a project
  10. center of action
    Responsible for  overall development and implementation of a project as well as  day to day operation
    project manager
  11. Project manager responsibility
    • budgets
    • schedules
    • creative sessions
    • time sheets
    • illness
    • invoice
    • team dynamics
  12. Designing the look and feel of a multimedia project
    multimedia designer
  13. interface provide control to the people who use it
    interface designer
  14. create character, action, and POV create creativity
  15. videographers, sound technician, lightning designers, set designers, script supervisors, grips, production assistant, and actors
    video specialist
  16. wizard who make a multimedia program come alive, designing and producing music, voice-over, narrations and sound effects
    audio specialist
  17. software engineer
    integrates all the multimedia elements of a project into a seamless whole using authoring system or programming language
    multimedia programmer
  18. network engineer
    putting together a coordinated set of pages for the www
    create process, skillsets
    website never finished, remain dynamics
    most of the time maintaining the multimedia program for easily access by user
    producer, multimedia for the web
  19. project planning
    • the process of making multimedia
    • hardware
    • available skills and software
    • idea management software
    • building a team
    • pilot projects and prototyping
    • task planning
    • scheduling
  20. The process of making multimedia
    • idea analysis
    • pretesting prototype development
    • alpha development
    • beta development
    • delivery
  21. costing
    • billing rates
    • example cost sheets
  22. billing rates
    example cost sheets
  23. ideas
    use note paper
    idea analysis
  24. purpose or goal against the feasibility and cost of production and delivery
  25. pretesting
    • define project goals in greater deail
    • skills required
    • content
    • costing (memory and time)
    • how to sell it
    • prototype on paper with an explanation of how it will work
  26. develop working prototype
    prototype development
  27. Test your prototype along several fronts
    • cost
    • market
    • human interface
  28. Alpha Development
    • detail the storyboard
    • graphic art
    • sound and video production
    • test on working prototype
  29. Beta Development
    • To late to bail out
    • committed serious money, time and energy
    • wider tester
    • concern should  be simply successfully steering the project to its well-defined goal.
  30. Worries toward the marketplace
  31. most common limiting factor for realizing a multimedia idea
    • no sound board
    • no sound effects
    • no synthesizer
    • no MIDI composer by you-onsite
    • no high-resolution color display
    • no modem or network
  32. provides critical path method scheduling functions to calculate the total duration of a project based upon each identified task.
    Project management software
  33. test ideas, mock up interfaces, exercise the hardware platform
    pilot project phase
  34. scheduling difficult for multimedia:
    • making multimedia is artistic trial and error
    • technological upgrade during development
    • client feedback
  35. 3 elements in project estimates
    • time
    • money
    • people
  36. set according cost of doing business plus a reasonable profit margin
    billing rates
  37. executive summary, briefly describing the projects; goal, how the goal  will be achieved and the cost
  38. estimate total time required for each task and then allocate this time among the number of persons will be asynchronously working on the project
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