Introductory Chemistry (third edition) Chapter 2 review cards

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  1. What is a unit?
    A unit is a standard, agreed-on quantity by which other quantities are measured.
  2. What is scientific notation and what are its components?
    A method of writing large numbers more compactly. It consists of a decimal part (a number that is usually between 1 and 10), and an exponential part (10 raised to an exponent n)
  3. What are the rules of a significant figure?
    • All nonzero digits are significant¬†1.05
    • Interior zeros (zeros between two numbers) are significant 4.0208¬†
    • Trailing zeros (zeros after a decimal point) are significant 5.10¬†
    • Leading zeros (zeros to the left of the first nonzero number) are not significant. They only server to locate the decimal place. 0.00005
    • Zeros at the end of a number but before a decimal point are ambiguous and should be avoided by using scientific notation
    • 350 3.50x102
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