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  1. Lv1
    • lateral side of great toe
    • 0.1 post to corner of nail
  2. Lv2
    • b/w 1st & 2nd toes
    • proximal to web margin
  3. Lv3
    depression distal to junction of 1st & 2nd metatarsals
  4. Lv4
    • ankle, anterior to prominence of medial malleolus
    • depression medial to tibialis anterior tendon
  5. Lv5
    • 5c above tip of medial malleolus
    • center to medial crest of tibia
  6. Lv6
    • 7c above prominence of medial malleolus
    • center to medial crest of tibia
  7. Lv7
    1c posterior to Sp9
  8. Lv8
    • knee flexed
    • in depression above medial end of transverse popliteal crease
    • 1c anterior to Ki10
  9. Lv9
    • directly above medial epicondyle of femur
    • 4c superior to Lv8
    • cleft b/w vastus medialus muscle & sartorious muscle
  10. Lv10
    • 2c lateral to Ren2
    • 3c inferior Ren2 (Deadman= 3c inferior to St30)
    • anterior border of m.adductor longus
  11. Lv11
    • 2c lateral to Ren2
    • 2c inferior to Ren2 (or St30)
  12. Lv12
    • 2.5c lateral to Ren2
    • in inguinal groove (groin crease)
    • lateral & inferior to St30
    • medial to femoral vein
  13. Lv13
    free end of 11th floating rib
  14. Lv14
    • below nipple
    • 6th ICS
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