CDC 2A651 Vol. 2 URE's

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  1. An Aircraft taxiing at a steady speed can be used to demonstrate:
    Newton's first law of motion.
  2. Which law may you sum up with two words: Action & Reaction?
    Newton's third law of motion.
  3. Which type of duct would decrease the velocity and increase the pressure of a gas as it passes?
    A divergent duct
  4. The ability to do work is the definition of:
  5. What does fuel for an engine represent?
    Potential energy
  6. The temperatre of compressed air in a jet engine must be raised to:
    Increase energy
  7. Which section of a jet engine introduces and burns fuel?
    The combustion section
  8. Which method of producing thrust doesa turboprop engine use?
    Accelerating a large mass of air through a small velocity change.
  9. Which type of horsepower is delivered to the propeller for useful work?
  10. Which type of horsepower determines the performance of the engine-propeller combination?
    Equivalent shaft
  11. The two fluids combined to make up common jet fuel are:
    Gasoline and kerosene
  12. Which is not a method of heat transfer?
  13. The air temperature of a jet engine gradually rises across the compressor to the diffuser outlet as a result of:
  14. Where is the highest point of temperature reached in an engine?
    The combustion section.
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