Grade 6 - SS - ancient Greece

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  1. What were the characteristics of daily life in ancient Greece?
    daily live revolved around RELIGION and the GODS
  2. Who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey?
  3. What are some major characteristics of Sparta?
  4. List the important achievements/contributions of ancient Greece?
  5. What are some major characteristics of Athens?
    • Democracy,
    • Architecture
    • Trial by jury
  6. List 4 important Greek Gods and their roles.
    • Zeus - King of all
    • Poseidon - sea
    • Ares - war
    • Hades - underworld
  7. What are major characteristics and achievements of Alexander the Great?
    • *He conquered Persia, Egypt among other places
    • *He allowed Greek culture to spread throughout Europe, Asia and Africa
    • *He renamed conquered cities Alexandria
  8. What is a tragedy?
    • Invented by the Greeks
    • a play that ends unhappily
  9. What is a city-state?
    An area of land that had its own laws and king, which included the main city and the surrounding villages
  10. Who was Odysseus?
    • *A main character in Homer's epic poems.
    • *He fought in the Trojan War for Greece
    • *When he tried to sail home, it took him 10 yrs. b/c of the various different Gods and monsters
  11. Who could vote in Athens?
    male citizens
  12. What is the system of government that means "rule by the people" 
    Which city-state used this system?
    • Democracy
    • Athens
  13. Athens and Sparta fought together during this war
    Persian War
  14. This is a play that has a happy ending and pokes fun at important people.
  15. This is a system of government where a small group of wealthy individuals rule.  
    Give an example.
    • Oligarchy
    • Sparta
  16. Explain the role of religion in ancient Greece.
  17. Describe the geography of ancient Greece and how did this effect life in Greece?
    • *The land was rocky and mountainous and was surrounded by water
    • *Greeks became masters of the seas in order to trade and spread culture
  18. Briefly explain the story of the Iliad and the Odyssey.
    How were the poems transmitted?
    How are they connected to religion?
    Are they true?
    • Religious poems that were transmitted ORALLY that told of the Trojan War and Odysseus's voyage home.
    • They are NOT TRUE!
  19. How were city-states of ancient Greece linked?
    • Culture
    •    Language, Religion, etc
  20. Is Antigone a comedy or tragedy?
  21. The wars fought between Athens and Sparta were called the  ______ wars.
  22. Which city-state focused on MILITARY?
  23. Which city-state focused on WISDOM?
  24. How is the US government influenced by ancient Greece?
    they invented the idea of Democracy which runs the US today
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