Biology Week 1

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  1. Scientific  Method:
    • Ask Question
    • Research
    • Hypothesis
    • Experiment
    • Draw a conclusion
  2. Explain the importance of Math in Science:
    Its Important because you need to use it when collecting data and math is applied to everything in everyday life
  3. Describe the subatomic particles , their place in the atom and their charge.
    They are small particles that make up a atom and they have a negative charge.
  4. Example of commutative property:
    • 4 pieces + 7 pieces
    • 4p+7p= 7p+4p
  5. Associative  Property:
    (a+b) c= c(a+b)
  6. Describe Differentiate between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells
    • Prokaryotic is a group organisms whose cell lack a membrane -bound nucleus.
    • eukaryotic cells are single or multi-celled who cells contain a membrane -bound nucleus.
  7. Explain why Biologist don't conider virus to be alive.
    • virus don't have a cell membrane
    • Cant reproduce
    • Cant use energy
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