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  1. What is the form of speech that completes a verbs meaning?
    a complementary infinitive.  Ex:  "she is able to read"  
  2. Possumus bibere.
    We are able to drink.  We can drink.
  3. Potest linguam LatInam legere.
    She is able to (can) read the Latin language.
  4. Bibimus, ut possImus bene vIvere.
    We drink so that we may be able (can) live well.
  5. VIta brevis.
    Life is short
  6. Ars longa.
    Art is long.
  7. Vita est brevis, sed ars est longa.
    Life is short, but art is long.
  8. Vita est brevis, sed ars est longa.

    Dropping the sed in this sentence doesn't change the meaning.  This figure of speech is called what which means what?
    An asyndeton, meaning "no connection".
  9. Sit vIta longa!
    May life be long!
  10. Ars brevis esse potest.
    Art can be short.
  11. Linguam LatInam legere possumus.
    We can read the Latin language.
  12. Potestis ineptIre.
    Y'all can be foolish.
  13. Sumus.
    We are.
  14. SImus.
    Let us be.
  15. Est.
    It is.
  16. Sit.
    Let it be.
  17. Esse an nOn esse?
    To be or not to be?
  18. Esse est posse.
    To be is to be able.
  19. POne metum; valeO
    Put away your fear, (for) I am well. (Ovid)
  20. POnAmus metum
    Let us put away our fear.  (Let's not be afraid.)
  21. POnAmus nimiOs gemitUs!
    Let us put away excessive sorrow! (Juvenal)
  22. Caesar populum ROmAnum dEcipit.
    Caesar deceives the Roman people.
  23. Caesar populum ROmAnum dEcipere potest.
    Caesar is able to deceive the Roman people.
  24. Fiat lUx!
    Let there be light! Literally, Let light be made!
  25. SI LUx est, possumus bibere.
    If there is light, we are able to drink.
  26. SI lUx fiat, possImus bibere.
    If light should be made, ,we would be able to drink.  (If you'd turn on the light, we's be able to drink.
  27. SI lUx fiat, possImus bibere?
    If it should become light, would we be able to drink?
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