Lab Analysis

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  1. Factors to consider during lab analysis:
    Fasting, Age, Source, Gender, Diet, Medications, Margin of Error, Variance in Norm Values
  2. 3 Sources to draw blood for lab analysis:
    • Venous --> "venipuncture", most common
    • Arterial --> put sample on ice, apply pressure
    • Capillary --> Glucose
  3. Margin of Error:
    The more lab tests that are done, the more room/chances for an error to occur.... (phenomenon)
  4. When selecting a site to draw blood, stay away from:
    Skin infections, mastectomy, lymph drainage
  5. Proper Collection Technique:
    • Right Tube (color coated)
    • Adequate filling of the tube
    • Proper mixing of the additives with blood
    • Transport --> ASAP
    • Label tube: name, medical record number, date, time, test, initials of nurse
  6. Hemoconcentration is caused by:
    prolonged tourniquet constriction or dehydration
  7. Hemodilution is caused by:
    drawing blood from the same arm as IV infusion
  8. Hemolysis happens when:
    Rough handling of the sample or drawing up blood through a small needle
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