Epic Chronicles

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  1. Chronicles is a?
    database management system
  2. Indeling chronicles
    • masterfiles
    • records
    • contacts
    • items
    • values
  3. Twee types masterfiles
    • static: veranderen door users (bijv. patient)
    • dynamic: veranderen door administrators (bijv provider)
  4. How are masterfiles labelt?
    by INI (INItial) 3 letters
  5. How are records labelt?
    Name and an ID number, ID number is unique the name not, have completion match
  6. An item is an?
    question prompt, zijn het zelfde in een masterfile
  7. A value is an?
    answer to a question prompt zij verschillen per record
  8. How you see the Item Information window?
    • ctrl+click op de value in hyperspace
    • home+F8 on a value in the record van masterfile
  9. How do you know that you are at an masterfileprompt?
    You will see name of the masterfile followed by a colon. (:)
  10. How do you stop a list?
    * enter
  11. How do you delete a entire value?
    Num Lock
  12. How can you search within a record?
    Home+F9 for search with text or ID numbers
  13. How can you check a record in hyperspace?
    Hyperspace toolbar, Record viewer.
  14. How can you look faster in in record viewer for an item?
    Jump to item button.
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