Social Studies - Colonies

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  1. When 2 groups work together
  2. a person who owes money
  3. a plant that produces a blue dye
  4. a person who owned all of the land in a colony
  5. special promise or agreement
  6. How did the Puritan colonists provide for education in a way that no European country had done before?
    There education was free and anyone could go to school there.
  7. Who was Metacomet?
    The leader of the Wamponoag and the English called him King Philip.
  8. Why did the Quakers come to North America?  In which colony did they settle?
    They came so they could have freedom of religion.  They settled in Pennsylvania.
  9. What different groups of people lived in the Middle Colonies?
    The Quakers and the Lenape
  10. Who founded the colony of Maryland?  What religious group settled there?
    A man named Lord Baltimore.  Catholics settled there.
  11. What role did the Native Americans play in the founding of Georgia?
    The Yamacraw gave Oglethorpe land which is now called Savannah, Georgia.
  12. Name the founder of the MA Plymouth Colony and reason the colony was founded
    • Founder - William Bradford (Pilgrims)
    • Reason Founded - Religious Freedom
  13. Name the founder of the MA Bay Colony and reason the colony was founded
    • Founder - John Winthrop (Puritans)
    • Reason Founded - Religious Freedom
  14. Name the founder of the RI Rhode Island Colony and reason the colony was founded
    • Founder - Roger Williams (ended up leaving RI because he disagreed with the Puritan church about religious freedom)
    • Reason Founded - Religious and Political Freedom
  15. Name the founder of the NH New Hampshire Colony and reason the colony was founded
    • Founder - Settlers from Massachusetts
    • Reason Founded - Economic Opportunities
  16. Name the founder of the CT Connecticut Colony and reason the colony was founded
    • Founder - Thomas Hooker
    • Reason Founded - Religious and Political Freedom
  17. Who founded New York City?
    Henry Hudson (there is a river that runs through NY named Hudson River) - originally called New Amsterdam
  18. What are the Southern Colony states?
    • Maryland
    • Virginia
    • North Carolina
    • South Carolina
    • Georgia
  19. What did Southern colonists eat?
    Grew crops, corn, and drank wine
  20. What crop did Southern colonists grow?  What kind of soil did they have?
    • Grew indigo and used it as blue dye
    • They had rich soil and grew many crop foods
  21. Who was the general of the Southern colonists?
    James Oglethorp
  22. Southern colonists did anything to protect their ____________.
  23. Who was Georgia named after?
    • King George II
    • He wanted to keep the Carolinas under English control and protect it from the Spanish
  24. Middle colonies were established for __________.
  25. The Quakers got their name because they _________ before the ___________.  What else were Quakers called
    • Quaked before the Lord
    • Quakers were also called Society of Friends
  26. How did Pennsylvania get it's name?
    Penn is for Admiral Sir William Penn and sylvania means forest so Penn's forest
  27. What type of education did New England colonies establish?
    Free education
  28. Who lead the New England colonies?
    John Winthrop
  29. What was the first New England colony settlement?
  30. What did New England colonists eat?
    The animals they raised
  31. What kind of government did the Southern colonies have?
    They had governors that ruled over the different colonies
  32. Name the New England colony states.
    • Maine
    • New Hampshire
    • Vermont
    • Massachusetts
    • Connecticut
    • Rhode Island
  33. What is the religious group who came to New England and why did they come?
    • The Puritans
    • They came to practice their religion freely
  34. What did the New England colonists do for work?
    Men, women, and children worked in fields growing crops and raising cattle, sheep, and pigs.
  35. New England colonists lived in __________ and built ____________ that were _______ to attend.
    • villages
    • schools
    • free
  36. What relationship did the New England colonists have with Native Americans?
    At first the Native Americans helped the colonists but as the colonists took more and more of their land they had conflict and went to war with each other.
  37. Name the states of the Middle colonies
    • New York
    • Delaware
    • New Jersey
    • Pennsylvania
  38. Why were the middle colonies established?
    • Trade
    • Profit
    • Religious Freedom
  39. What time period and by who were the Middle Colonies first established?  Who took control later?  Did they cooperate together?
    • 1600s
    • Established by the Dutch
    • The British took control later
    • The Dutch and English cooperated together
  40. Did Quakers rely on churches or ministers?
  41. Name the founder of NY and reason founded
    • Founder - Dutch colonists
    • Reason Founded - religious freedom and economic opportunity
  42. New Jersey founder and reason colony was founded
    John Berkeley and George Carteret

    Founded for religious freedom and economic opportunity
  43. Pennsylvania founder and reason colony was founded
    • Quakers and William Penn
    • Religious and political freedom for Quakers
  44. Delaware founder and reason colony was founded
    • Swedish people
    • Economic opportunities
  45. Virginia founder and reason colony was founded
    • John Smith
    • Economic opportunites
  46. Maryland founder and reason colony was founded
    • Lord Baltimore
    • Religious freedom for Catholics
  47. The Carolinas founder and reason colony was founded
    • Group of 8 nobles
    • Economic opportunities
  48. Georgia founder and reason colony was founded
    • James Oglethorpe
    • Economic opportunities
  49. Which colony was founded last?
  50. Willingness to let others practice their own religion/beliefs
  51. Difference in social status between Pilgrims and Puritans
    Pilgrims had low social status and Puritans had higher social status
  52. Puritans and pilgrims both settled colonies to do what?
    • Freely practice their religion
    • Pilgrims wanted to separate from the Anglican church and Puritans wanted to practice a more pure form of their religion
  53. What was Virginia's cash crop?
  54. How did William Penn and Roger Williams feel about the Native Americans?
    That they should be treated equally and paid for their land.
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