Biology Test Jan.16

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  1. Mitosis
    • -Cell creates 2 new identical cells
    • -Original cell replicates/ copies DNA
    • -Replace damaged/ old cells
  2. Chromosomes
    • -Form of DNA before cell division (packaged up)
    • -DNA holds coded instructions for how we function & traits
  3. DNA nucleotide
    • -Subunits of DNA
    • -Made up of phosphate, base, & sugar
  4. DNA backbone
    sugar covalently bonded to phosphate
  5. Base pairing rule
    Adenine h-bonds with thymine; guanine h-bonds with cytosine
  6. Double helix
    2 strands wound around each other; holds genetic information together
  7. DNA replication
    • -DNA replication: copying of DNA to make 2 identical DNA molecules
    • -Weak h-bond: between base pairs ; weak; easily broken; strands separate to be copied
  8. Cancer
    • -Uncontrolled cell growth and division
    • -Rapid cell production=tumor 
  9. DNA backbone vs double helix
    Backbone made up of sugar covalently bonded to phosphates; creates 2 strands; provides structure and support for double helix
  10. How are H-bonds & Covalent bonds used in a double helix?
    H-bonds are used between bases; covalent bonds exist between the DNA backbone
  11. What is the overall purpose of DNA in the body?
    DNA is in our body because it contains instructions for functions and traits
  12. What form does DNA take when not being used?
  13. Chemical units that make up the structure DNA are?
  14. DNA backbone is made up of what molecules?
    • -sugar
    • -phosphate 
  15. How is DNA coded?
    Coded by base pair rule; allows DNA to replicate/ copy itself
  16. How many chromosomes in normal human cells?
    46 chromosomes 
  17. Where are h-bonds located in a DNA molecule?
    Between base pairs
  18. How is it possible for DNA to make identical copies of itself?
    Base pair rule
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