Religion Chapter 10 test

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  1. In the Eucharist we celebrate and receive ________ ___________.
    Jesus Christ
  2. What was Passover?
    A feast where the Jewish people remembered the miraculous way God saved them from death and slavery in ancient Egypt
  3. How did Passover get it's name?
    God "passed over" the houses of his people protecting them.
  4. Jesus also celebrated the Passover with his apostles the night before he ___________.
  5. At the Passover, Jesus gave his apostles what to remember him by and so he could be with them after death?
    • Bread to represent his body
    • Wine to represent his blood (Jesus shed for us) 
  6. The Passover feast between Jesus and his disciples the night before he died is also called what?  Where did it take place?
    • The Last Supper
    • Jerusalem
  7. The breaking of the bread and sharing of the cup is ___________
    • An offering of Jesus for our salvation
    • Jesus gave us the gift of himself and instituted the Eucharist
  8. Through the Eucharist, Jesus remains with us ____________
  9. What is the Eucharist?
    Sacrament of the body and blood of Christ
  10. ______________ is the sacrament by which Jesus truly becomes present to us.
  11. In the Eucharist, we receive __________ in Holy Communion.
    Jesus Christ
  12. Jesus called himself the _______________.
    Bread of Life
  13. Eucharist is the only sacrament of initiation that we receive again and again (True or False)
  14. The Eucharist is a meal, a sacrifice, and a _______________.
  15. At the Last Supper, Jesus instituted the ___________.
  16. While walking to Emmaus, did the 2 disciples instantly recognize the risen Jesus?
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