Geography Multiculturism

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  1. OOM Government Office.
    Only a low level, local position
  2. Problems concerning Designer Immigrants?
    • 1. Canadians recognized foreign education as being worth 1/2 of Canadian education, even though there's a world wide rating of universities.
    • 2. Zero credit is given to work experience outside of Canada.
    • 3. Canada is supposed to be "colour blind" regarding immigrants coming in, but..
    • -quotas are put on countries (England gets $8 800/yr, China gets $5 500/yr)
    • -it takes a person from London or Paris 1-2 years to get in and 8 years for people from China.
  3. What's a Designer Immigrant?
    • Highly educated immigrants.
    • They now need 80pts to get into Canada. There is more emphasis on work experience, language, job already waiting and knowing someone in Canada. Immigrants typically do better than native Canadians, but in the 90s, they have done worse (economically) (but has raised 3x in the last 10 years).
  4. 3 reasons why the BC Boat People shouldn't stay in Canada.
    Invitation for illegal immigrants, can't work, taking advantage of the system designed for refugees, expensive
  5. 3 Reasons why the BC Boat People should stay in Canada.
    shining example of Canada's humanity, they could be genuine refugees, the only way in
  6. What's the max number of Points you can get?
  7. Three classes of imigration:
    • Family Class: a family member who is a Canadian citizen, 18yrs or older, may sponsor a family member to Canada. The Canadian sponsor must provide for the care, maintenance and loading of this relative for up to 10 years.
    • Refugee Class: a refugee is a person who fears for his or her life bc of their beliefs, political beliefs, their race, background or religion. Canada is obligated to find out if this is true. If lying, they're deported back.
    • Independent Class: If a person has no sponsor and is not a refugee. Point system is used. Divided into "skilled worker" and "business man". A skilled worker needs 80pts and a business class man needs 25pts and a "good idea"--you're expected to put money into Canada.
  8. You are refused to enter Canada if:
    • 1. You have a criminal record in your home country that we consider a crime here.
    • 2. If you have a communicable disease--AIDS, EBOLA
    • 3. If you have a serious physical or mental handicap.
  9. Where in Ontario would you find large numbers of Old Order Mennonites?
    • Kitchener/Waterloo, St. Jacobs
    • Mt. Forest
  10. What is the Mennonite Central Relief Committee?
    • group which helps developing countries--send food, money relief (quilt auctions to raise money)
    • Like Red Cross
  11. OOM Military Service.
    only a low level, local position
  12. OOM Old-Age Pension/Government Assistance.
    • Don't take it--but pay into it (taxes) 
    • Kids take care of aging parents on farms in a "doddie house" built onto the main house (youngest son gets the family farm)
  13. OOM insurance.
    Don't believe in it, buying insurance shows a lack of faith in God. If barn burns down, have a barn-raising--everyone helps (have a fun for those purposes)
  14. OOM education
    • Have their own schools
    • Goes up to grade 8
    • learns Reading, Writing and Arithmetic (three Rs)--all that is needed to run a farm, have a mennonite teacher (girl)--don't go to highschool because it might be corrupted.
  15. How is the OOM minister chosen?
    • By lot
    • Each handed a bible, one w/ a blue slip of paper in it, and that person is "chosen by god" and is minister for life. (farmers with no minister training)
  16. Describe the OOM religious observances.
    Baptism as teens, 2 hour services, service in high German, hymns sung in German w/ no organ/piano music, communion is 2x per year, wash feet b/c Christ washed his disciples' feet to humble himself.
  17. Describe an OO church or meeting hall.
    • Plain.
    • Men and women sit on opposite sides, seated according to age. Men put hats on pegs above their heads, women leave in back, no steeples, no stain glass windows, plain benches, no stations of the cross, no bells
  18. How would an OOM farm differ from a typical Canadian farm?
    No gas-run machinery--they use horses for ploughing or there might be a simple tractor, no pesticides, organic/natural fertilizers, phone in barn if business related, they plant a variety of crops/animals--they live off of their farm.
  19. How would an Old Order Mennonite house differ from your house?
    No electricity, no running water, plain furniture, no phones, no drapes, wood stoves, no TVs, radios or computers, no books or newspapers, only the bible--no pictures, very few decorations.
  20. Describe how Old Order Mennonite men dress.
    Hats, suits on Sunday, wool pants w/ suspenders, no facial hair.
  21. Describe how Old Order Mennonites women dress.
    Don't cut or curl their hair, shawls, black bonnets, white prayer caps, long dresses, very pain, high neck, no make-up
  22. General characteristics of the clothing worn by Old Order Mennonites.
    Dark colours, hats, no jewelry, old-fashioned looking
  23. Why are they nicknamed Pennsylvania Dutch?
    • American misunderstanding of the word "Deutsch" which is German for German. 
    • They thought it meant Dutch.
  24. What languages do Old Order Mennonites speak?
    German & English
  25. Difference between Old Order Mennonites and Reformed Mennonites.
    • Old Order: are conservative, old-fashioned "horse & buggy" group.
    • Reformed: more modern, but still attend a Mennonite church.
  26. Top 3 ethnic backgrounds of Massey Grade 9s.
    • 1. S. Asia
    • 2. E/SE. Asia
    • 3. W. Asia/Arab
  27. Top Three ethnic backgrounds of Canada 2001.
    • 1. British
    • 2. French
    • 3. W. Europe
  28. Definition of Stereotyping?
    assigning a characteristic to a group--a preset idea about a group. e.g. Chinese people are good at math.
  29. Examples of Push Factors and Pull Factors
    • Political Situation, religious, ethnic persecution. "refugees"
    • Lack of political freedom--dictatorship, army control.
    • Low standard of living
    • War, civil wars
    • High unemployement
  30. Definition of Emigrant.
    people who leave their country to live somewhere else.
  31. Definition of Immigrant.
    a person who moves into a country w/ the intentions of settled there.
  32. Definition of Heterogeneous community.
    • a community where everyone is from different backgrounds.
    • e.g. Windsor, Toronto, Massey
  33. Definition of Homogeneous community.
    a community where everyone is from the same background e.g. Erie Street-Italians, Quebec--French, Nfld--British
  34. Definition of Social Imprints.
    Cultural indicators that are less visible. They indicate types of behaviour, customs, values and religious beliefs.
  35. Definition of Physical Imprints.
    Cultural objects that you can actually see, such as types of clothing, furniture and architecture, that indicate your culture. e.g. food
  36. Definition of Primary Language.
    Is the most commonly used language within the wider community (often called the official language of the people).
  37. When 2 cultures meet, what are the 3 possible outcomes?
    • Assimilation e.g. USA
    • Integration e.g. Canada
    • Segregation e.g. US in south--during slavery.
  38. Definition of Melting Pot.
    A society in which cultural groups are encouraged to adopt the main culture if the society and to stop practicing their own customs. e.g. USA
  39. Definition of Multiculturalism.
    aka Cultural Mosaic

    a society composed of many cultural groups that are encouraged to maintain their heritage (in 1971, the government implemented a policy to encourage multiculturalism) e.g. Canada.
  40. Definition of Cultural Baggage
    Refers to food, holidays, clothes, music, language, traditions etc.
  41. Definition of Culture.
    the beliefs, customs skills, religion, arts and languages of a group of people.
  42. Definition of Ethnic Country.
    refers to the country where you or your ancestors originally come from.
  43. Definition of Nationality.
    • refers to the country in which you claim citizenship. 
    • 2 ways to get citizenship:
    • born in Canada
    • Landed immigrant.
  44. Definition of invisible minority.
    A minority of people who are white.
  45. Definition of visible minorities.
    A minority of people who aren't white.
  46. Why were the Blacks of North Preston there in the first place?
    Because they were given free farm land since they were soldiers, but the farm land was rocky and poor.
  47. How were the blacks of North Preston treated as second class citizens?
    They had no running water or electricity, ploughs didn't go down their roads in the winter.
  48. Why are immigrants attracted to large cities like Toronto and Montreal?
    More likely to be in a community who speaks they language, sells their food, has places of worship and job opportunities.
  49. Describe how CHIN promotes multiculturalism.
    • 2 stations with songs in over 30 languages, 24/7.
    • No government spending.
    • Provides info on many subjects/activities.
    • Gives people an idea where/when they can learn english.
  50. What's CHIN?
    Canada's biggest multicultural radio station.
  51. How much does Canada spend to promote multiculturalism a year?
    $29 million
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