ASL History Review

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  1. Who is Thomas Gallaudet?
    Very smart minister who was instrumental in bringing ASL to America
  2. Who is Alice Cogswell?
    Deaf neighbor of Thomas' parents.
  3. Who was Dr. Mason Cogswell?
    Paid Thomas to go to Europe and find a way to educate his daughter.
  4. What kind of education was available for the deaf in the 1800s?
    Children were sent to Insane Asylums or kept home and uneducated.
  5. What was the Braidwood school?
    An english school that taught Deaf students orally and wanted Thomas to pay for information.
  6. Who was Charles Michel D'Leppe?
    A French educator for the Deaf, he was the Principal of the Royal Institute for the Deaf in Paris. He developed a French manual alphabet and worked to enhance and add signs to French sign language.
  7. Who was Abbe Roche Sicard?
    A french priest who was the principal of a school for the Deaf in Bordeux France. He wrote books on Deaf education and became Principal of the Royal Institute.
  8. Who was Laurent Clerc?
    A French teacher at the Royal Institute. He helped Thomas develop ASL and became the first teacher at the first school for the Deaf in the USA.
  9. What was the American School for the Deaf originally called?
    The Connecticut Asylum for the Education of Deaf and Dumb Persons.
  10. What was the American School for the Deaf?
    It was the first school for the Deaf in America, established in 1817 in Hartford.
  11. Who was Sophia Fowler?
    Thomas Gallaudet's Deaf wife who was a student from the American School for the Deaf. She had 8 hearing children.
  12. Who was Eliza Boardman?
    Laurent Clerc's Deaf wide who was a student from the American School for the Deaf. She had a hearing son.
  13. Who was Edward Miner Gallaudet?
    Thomas' youngest son who worked at the American School for the Deaf and later wanted to open a college for the Deaf.
  14. Who was Amos Kendall?
    A United States General who owned a piece of land in DC and established a college for the Deaf with Edward Miner Gallaudet.
  15. What was the Columbia Institute originally called?
    The Columbia School for the education of the Deaf and Blind. It opened with 12 students and the Blind ones left for another school. It later became Gallaudet college and later Gallaudet University. The original piece of land where it stood is called Kendall Green.
  16. What was Abraham Lincoln link to the Deaf community?
    He signed the charter allowing the Gallaudet College to give out college diplomas.
  17. Who was Daniel Chester French?
    An American sculptor who created the statue of Thomas Gallaudet and Alice Cogswell which is at the American School for the Deaf and he sculpted the Lincoln Memorial.
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