Chapter 27

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  1. anxiety
    a vague, uneasy feeling in response to stress
  2. compulsion
    repeating an act over and over again
  3. defense mechanism
    an unconscious reaction that blocks unpleasant or threatening feelings
  4. delusion
    a false belief
  5. delusion of grandeur
    an exaggerated belief about one's importance, wealth, power, or talents
  6. delusion of persecution
    a false belief that one is being mistreated, abused, harassed
  7. flashback
    reliving the trauma in thoughts during the day and in nightmares during sleep
  8. hallucination
    seeing, hearing, smelling, or feeling something that is not real
  9. mental
    relating to the mind; something that exists in the mind or is done by the mind
  10. mental health
    the person copes with and adjusts to everyday stresses in ways accepted by society
  11. mental illness
    a disturbance in the ability to cope with or adjust to stress; behavior and function are impaired; mental disorder, emotional illness, psychiatric disorder
  12. obsession
    a recurrent, unwanted thought, idea, or image
  13. panic
    an intense and sudden feeling of fear, anxiety, terror, or dread
  14. paranoia
    a disorder (para) of the mind (noia); false beliefs (delusions) and suspicion about a person or situation
  15. phobia
    an intense fear
  16. psychosis
    a state of severe mental impairment
  17. stress
    the response or change in the body caused by any emotional, physical, social, or economic factor
  18. suicide
    to kill oneself
  19. suicide contagion
    exposure to suicide or suicidal behaviors within one's family, one's peer group, or media reports of suicide
  20. withdrawal syndrome
    the person's physical and mental response after stopping or severely reducing the use of substance that was used regularly
  21. compensation
    to make up for, replace, or substitute. the person makes up for or substitutes a strength for a weakness
  22. conversion
    means to change. An emotion is shown as a physical symptom or changed into a physical symptom
  23. denial
    means refusing to accept or believe something that is true. The person refuses to face or accept unpleasant or threatening things
  24. displacement
    means to move to take the place of. An individual moves behaviors or emotions from one person, place, or thing to a safe person, place, or thing
  25. identification
    means to relate or recognize. A person assumes the ideas, behaviors, and traits of another person
  26. projection
    means to blame another. An individual blames another person or object for unacceptable behaviors, emotions, ideas, or wishes
  27. rationalizations
    means sensible, reasonable, or logical. An acceptable reason or excuse is given for behaviors or actions. The real reason is not given
  28. reaction formation
    a person acts in a way opposite to what he or she truly feels
  29. regression
    means to move back or to retreat. The person retreats or moves back to an earlier time or condition
  30. repression
    means to hold down or keep back. The person keeps unpleasant or painful thoughts or experiences from the conscious mind.  They cannot be recalled or remembered
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