Stats 215 Ch 1

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  1. Frequency (of a category for a categorial variable)
    • count of the # of data values falling into the category
    • each category for a catagroial variable has an associated frequency
  2. Relative Frequency
    • proportion or percentage of the values falling in each category
    • each category for a categorial value has a relative frequency

    • relative frequency= frequency/sample size (n)
    • multiply by 100 to get a percentage
  3. Frequency Table
    table that has separate columbs for the possible values of the categorial variable and the relative frequency for each possible value
  4. bar graph
    possible values of the categorial variable on one axis (horizontal) and number line representing the frequency or relative frequency (vertical) bars extend to height with relative frequency or frequency and numbers on vertical are in regular intervals
  5. Pie Chart
    Circle cut into slices who's sizes correspond to the relative frequencies of the categories
  6. if have a %
    multiply the value by the total to get the #
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