World Religion - Christianity

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  1. What does incarnate mean?
    Word made flesh (JESUS!!!)
  2. "Word made flesh"
  3. Where does the name Jesus derive from?
    • Greek redition of the Hebrew name Joshua, or full Yehoshuah (Yahweh)
    • Redemptor Dominus
  4. What is transubstantion?
    Flesh or body of Christ is the Eucharist
  5. Flesh or body of Christ is Eucharist
  6. Where does the name Christ come from?
    Greek for Christos, translated to Hebrew Maskiakh (annointed one), or Messiah
  7. How did his followers regard Jesus?
    Promised deliverance of Israel
  8. Who is the redemptor dominus?
  9. What does Bethlehem mean?
    House of bread
  10. What did Luke and Matthew write about?
    Birth of Messiah
  11. Who wrote about the birth of the Messiah?
    Luke and Matthew
  12. Who did Matthew write for?
  13. Who did Luke write for?
  14. Who wrote for the Greeks?
  15. Who wrote for the Jews?
  16. Who wrote the synoptic gospels?
    Matthew, Mark, Luke (Jesus's history)
  17. What are synoptic gospels?
    An overview of Christ's life and recorded Jesus's public ministry after imprisonment of John
  18. What did John's gospels talk about?
    • Christ of Faith, divine > human
    • Written to convert people
  19. Whose gospels wanted to convert people and called Jesus more divine than human?
  20. What happened with the Eastern Orthodoxy in 1054?
    Separated from the Roman Catholic Church
  21. Who called Catholicism as the official religion of the Roman Empire?
  22. Constantine established an Eastern Capital for ___________ in what is now ________
    Christianity, Turkey [Istanbul]
  23. What language was spoken in Rome? East?
    • Rome = Latin
    • East = Greek
  24. As the Western Empire fell, how did the Eastern part survive?
    Byzantine Empire
  25. What are the Crusades?
    A series of religious wars to take back the Holy Land from Muslims
  26. What is the Protestant Reformation?
    Martin Luther was like "yo dis church is all corrupt they care about faith and moolah and not doing y'all suck" and made a new branch of Christianity in 16th century hell yeah motha fuckas
  27. Who is Martin Luther?
    Augustine monk from Bavaria
  28. What did Luther think defeated the purpose of Christianity?
    The fact that we can reduce our pardons/punishments by giving money
  29. What happened to Luther for the Prostestant Reformation?
    Excommunication!!! :(
  30. What countries chose Prostestant?
    North Germany and Scandinavians
  31. What happened in the England Reformation?
    Henry VIII was like 'yo i hate dis bitch i wanna divorce and remarry dis bitch' which broke Christian rules FUCK U
  32. Who is Thomas More?
    English lawyer, scholar, writer, member of parliament, and chancellor during King Henry VIII's reign. He had the highest ranking other than the king
  33. What happened to Thomas More?
    Executed for not recognizing divorce and England church break of Rome on Tower Hill on July 6, 1535 fuq u Henry
  34. True or false: Thomas More resigned as chancellor
  35. Why did Thomas More resign as chancellor?
    couldnt take king's shit about divorce and split of rome LAME
  36. Why did Thomas More get arrested in 1534?
    He refused to swear an oath to repudiate the pope and to accept the annulment of Henry's marriage. He was the tried for treason
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