AP Chapter 1-5

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  1. transverse section
    a cross section of the body. a slice out of a section of the body
  2. FrontalĀ (coronal) section
    divides the body in half front to back (anterior to posterior)
  3. saggital (median) section
    plane that divides the body in to two halves, left and right
  4. plantar
    the walking surface of the "hind paw", the bottom of the foot
  5. palmar
    the palm of the hand, the walking surface of the front paw
  6. medial
    nearer to the midline than...
  7. lateral
    further from the midline than...
  8. brachial
    upper arm
  9. antebrachium
    lower arm, fore arm
  10. pectoral
    thoracic, the chest
  11. gluteal
    the buttocks
  12. dorsal
    the back
  13. anterior
    near to the skull, cranial
  14. posterior
    nearer to the tail, caudal
  15. superior
    upwards of, versus inferior which is downwards of
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