Facility Structure

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  1. What covers the bed?
    The most specific

    • Admitted patients are assigned
    • here

    • Determines
    • the hospital’s census (telling)

    BED masterfile
  2. What covers the room?
    Contains one or more beds

    • Generally tracks where the
    • patient is in the building

    Used to make labels print near the patient

    ROM masterfile
  3. What controls department?
    • For areas that schedule or
    • admit patients
    • Provide a place for people to
    • log in to

    DEP masterfile
  4. n4 types off departments
    • ADT Units
    • Outpatient Departments
    • Hospital Outpatient Departments (HOD)
    • Virtual Departments
  5. Whats a ADT department?
    For areas that admit patients to a room and bed

    Users do not schedule appointments with ADT units
  6. Whats a outpatient department?
    • For areas where patients are scheduled to see
    • providers
    • no rooms or beds
  7. Whats a Hospital Outpatient Departments (HOD)?
    Both admitted and scheduled patients are seen in these areas

    East Clinic Radiology

    East Hospital Same-Day Surgery

    Patients return home or to the admitting unit

    linkt to the revenue locationfield on department informationscreen  of the departmentrecord.
  8. Whats a Virtual Departments?
    Exist only as a login department

    • East Hospital Business Office
    • East Hospital RespiratoryTherapy

    Used by clinicians who provide care to patients admitted all over the hospital
  9. What controls a Location?
    Collection of departments

    • Represents the actual building
    • where people work

    They can be hospitals or clinics
  10. What covers Service Area?
    • Business entities of the
    • organization

    • Tracks revenue and accounts
    • receivable

    • Can represent a geographical region, an affiliate organization, or your entire
    • organization
  11. What covers the Facility?
    Most general level

    Refers to the entire enterprise or organization
  12. What covers workstation?
    • Computers, printers, and fax
    • machines need these records

    Can link to various levels of the hierarchy

    • LWS masterfile (also printers are in here)
    • each workstationrecord is linked to a departmentrecord
  13. What covers the Hospital Area?
    • Optional…not used by every
    • organization

    • Groups hospital units for
    • census reporting

    Hospital wings and floors are created as these records
  14. What covers Place of Service?
    • Optional…not used by every
    • organization

    • Represents places outside your
    • organization

    Used to track where patients are sent and where providers are working
  15. Three types of category lists?
    • system:epic controlled, release all categories
    • extendible:controlled but extendible
    • customer:totaly controlled by organisation, relaese no categories
  16. Values of a category list?
    • ID
    • Title
    • Abbreviation
    • Synonym (optional)
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