Flammable Liquid Incident and Class “B” Foam Polic

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  1. What are the fire fighting resources for a CLASS B FIRE incidents?
  2. b. Department Crash apparatus from Station 28 and / or Station 43
    • c. Ultra XT
    • d. Foam 28 from Station 28
    • e. Crash apparatus from Lindbergh Field
    • f. Foam reserve from Lindbergh Field
    • g. Mutual Aid from the military
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    Private contractor firefighting companies and vendors

    • Options d, e, f, and g require approval of the Department Command Staff.
    • Remember Foam 28 or other specialty apparatus can be used as an attack resource or to supply foam to other apparatus and equipment, such as a ladder-pipe.
    • Call for the Class B cache and equipment, and other specialty apparatus including water tenders, early in the incident.
  4. When there is a risk to Life Safety or to protect essential valves and control equipment, all first in companies will use?
    Class A foam to attempt the immediate mitigation of incidents involving flammable liquids.

    Use a FoamPro setting of 1% for Flammable liquid incident

    Use the Portable Eductor set to 1% for Flammable liquid incidents
  5. Flammable Liquid Incident and 05-0


  6. Maintain a continuous high volume (125 gpm or greater) application rate of Class A foam with as many hose lines as necessary,
  7. Flammable Liquid Incident and 05-059_Class_B_Op's_BulletinOperations

    TACTIS  2/4

    Use the new medium expansion nozzle attachment on the initial fire attack line and to provide the necessary foam blanket

    created by flowing 95 – 125 gpm, and must be reapplied every three to five minutes.

    Always provide a backup line with a 1 ¾" 150 gpm
  8. Flammable Liquid Incident and 05-059_Class_B_Op's_BulletinOperations

    TACTIS  3/4
    REMEMBER: Class A foam may be applied to any incident through any nozzle, not just a line with the medium expansion nozzle attachment

    medium expansion nozzle attachment will only fit over the bumper tip of the Akron 1717 60-125 gpm nozzle and the Elkhart Phantom (30-200 gpm)
  9. Flammable Liquid Incident and 05-059_Class_B_Op's_BulletinOperations

    TACTICS  4/4
    Dry chemical from an extinguisher may be applied directly onto an incident or applied into a water or foam stream from a nozzle to knock down any flammable liquid fire.

    Apply the dry chemical into the water or foam stream from the hose line at a point near the nozzle, and about two (2) inches away from the stream.
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