Interagency Coordination

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  1. What is the purpose of IAC ?
    • Facilitate Unity of Effort
    • Achieve common objectives  
    • Provide common understanding
  2. A private, self-governing, non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating human suffering and/or promoting education, health care, economic development, environmental protection, human rights, and conflict resolution; and/or encouraging the establishment of democratic institutions and civil society.
    Non-Governmental Organization
  3. An organization created by a formal agreement (e.g., a treaty) between two or more governments. It may be established on a global, regional, or functional basis for wide-ranging or narrowly defined purposes. Formed to protect and promote national interests shared by member states. Examples include the United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the African Union.
    Intergovernmental Organization
  4. Of or pertaining to United States Government agencies and departments, including the Department of Defense.
    Interagency Organization
  5. An umbrella term that may be applied in the United States and in foreign countries to any or all of the nonpublic or commercial individuals and businesses, specified nonprofit organizations, most of academia and other scholastic institutions, and selected nongovernmental organizations.
    Private Sector
  6. Military Operations, to be effective, must coordinate and synchronize the energy of all available resources, including…
    • US Government Agencies
    • Coalition Forces and Host Nation Government
    • Non-governmental Organizations
  7. What is functional Interdependence ?
    When one organization must rely upon another to attain its objectives a functional relationship exists.
  8. What is the purpose of a CMOC?
    Provides a meeting place for different organizations and agencies coordinating civil-military and humanitarian relief operations.
  9. Within a theater, who is the focal point for the planning and implementation of theater and regional military strategies requiring IAC?
    Geographic Combatant Commander
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