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  1. How long is a COP good for?
    4 years
  2. You turn a building back to the occupants when the CO level is below?
    9 ppm
  3. FF's can go off air when the CO is below?
    120 ppm
  4. The TIC is waterproof to how deep?
    1 meter
  5. Natural gas ignites at what temperature?
    1000 degrees F.
  6. How big is the hazard zone for vehicle extrication?
    10 feet
  7. What is punishment for 4th tardy?
    3 days off
  8. What is the maximum length of injury duty or light duty?
    45 days off
  9. How many lengths of hose do you need for cellar fires?
    2 lengths plus 1 length of hose
  10. What is the problem when there are gas failure at multiple areas?
    Distributor failure
  11. How long is bereavement leave?
    2 (24) hour shifts off.  Doesn't include uncle
  12. What does a 2x2 box with a single slash indicated?
    The building has problems and may be structurally unsound.
  13. What is purpose?
    focus and authority
  14. When do vaneer walls catastrophically fail?
    If they aren't tied to hangers.
  15. T/F- Training deaths have increased?
  16. What is the plan if flame lengths are 4-8 feet? (ISO book)
    No direct attack.
  17. In the 5 step process to predict collapse, what is the first priority? (ISO p104)
    Classify the construction type.
  18. What is the first step in predicting collapse?
    Classify the construction type
  19. What is white lazy smoke a sign of?
    Early stage heating
  20. What does it mean during a tire fire, if it's pyrolized and crusting?
    It's smoldering
  21. What is black intense smoke indicative of?
    Hostile fire event.
  22. What is placed in the warm zone?
    Specialized equipment
  23. During a structure fire, when low on resources, you should do what first?
    Attack fire first
  24. When is evidence destroyed?
    During overhaul
  25. What is the purpose of overhaul?
    To determine the area of origin and extinguishment.
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