Gross Anatomy and General Organization of the Nervous System

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  1. Name the portions of the Neural tube from superior to inferior ? include , cervical and cephalic
    • Procencephalon 
    • Mesencephalon
    • cephalic flexure 
    • Rhombencephalon
    • cervical flexure
    • Spinal Cord
  2. Know these planes ?
    Sagittal plane
    Parasagittal plane
    Coronal (frontal) plane
    • Sagittal plane- Left and right
    • Parasagittal plane - in the let and right plane
    • Coronal (frontal) plane - cut / back and front
    • Anterior- Front
    • Dorsal- Back
    • Rostral- Nose
    • Caudal - tail
    • Cephalic- Head
    • Superior- Top
    • Inferior - bottom
  3. Name the sections ? where is the mid brain 
    Image Upload
    • Midbrain - above the pons
    • Image Upload
  4. Name the section of this Brain ?Image Upload
    • Brain stem
    • Cerebrum
    • Diencephalon
    • Cerebellum
  5. What is the secondary structures and derivatives of the Prosencephalon ?
    Telencephalon - Cerebral cortex (lobes ,gyrus and sulcus) ,  Cerebral white matter (medullary center) , Basal ganglia 

    Diencephalon- Thalamus , subthalamus , epithalamus , hypothalamus
  6. What is the secondary structures and the derivatives of the Mesencephalon ?
    Mesencephalon - Midbrain
  7. What is the secondary structures and the derivatives of the Rhombencephalon ?
    • Metencephalon - Cerebellum , Pons 
    • Myelencephalon-Medulla oblongata
  8. What primary vesicle makes the Forebrain , Midbrain , Rhombencephalon ?
    Image Upload
  9. What secondary vesicles make up the Cerebral hemisphere and Lateral ventricles ?
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  10. What secondary vesicles make up the optic vesicle and third ventricle ?
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  11. What secondary vesicle makes up the Cerebral aqueduct ?
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  12. What secondary structure makes up the fourth ventricle ?
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  13. Visualize and recognize where the following structures are located ?

    1.Frontal lobe
    2.Parietal lobe
    3.Temporal Lobe
    4.Occipital lobe
    5.Limbic lobe
    • Image Upload
    • Sagittal Plane  

    Image Upload
  14. Name the portions of the Brain ?
    Image Upload
    • 1 -Frontal Lobe
    • 2-Temporal Lobe
    • 3-Limbic Lobe
    • 4-Occipital Lobe
  15. Name the portions of the brain of the surface ? (gyrus and lobule )
    Image Upload
    Image Upload
  16. What Gyrus is the "Primary Motor Area" ?
    Precentral Gyrus
  17. What is Broca's area responsible for , where is it located , and what makes it ?

    Image Upload
    -It is responsible for speech

    -Frontal lobe 

    • -Pars Opercularis
    • Pars Triangularis
    • Pars Orbitalis

    Image Upload
  18. Name these portions of the medial surface of the brain ? 
    Image Upload
    Image Upload
  19. Name these portions of cereberal cortex (Basal Surface) ?
    Image Upload
    Image Upload
  20. What Gyrus is the primary somesthetic area ?
    post central gyrus
  21. Where is Wernicke's area and what is it's function ? What makes it ?
    -Inferior parietal lobule

    -understanding written and spoken speech

    • -Supramarginal
    • -Angular Gyrus
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