Milwaukee Sawzall

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  1. Milwaukee Sawzall

    Each case includes?
    (1) Sawzall power

    (2) 18 volt batteries

    (1) battery charger

     (5) 6" metal blades

    (5) 10" metal blades

     (5) 6 " wood blades

    (5) 10" wood blades
  2. Milwaukee battery packs will operate for many years when used, charged, and stored according to the following instructions
    Charge the new battery pack overnight before use to allow the cells to become fully charged.

    Never completely discharge the battery pack. Milwaukee battery packs do not develop a memory.

    To avoid overheating the battery pack, allow the cordless Sawzall to cool down between high torque cutting applications.
  3. continued
    After use allow the hot battery pack to cool to room temperature before inserting into the charger.

    Do not store the battery on the charger for more than 24 hours; this could reduce the battery life.
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