reproduction/cell division unit test

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  1. chromosomes are stored in the _______
  2. chromosomes are made up of _____
  3. mitosis is mainly used for 2 reasons, which are:
    • -unicellular reproduction
    • -growth, repair, and development of cells
  4. what are the steps of mitosis?
    • 1. chromosomes are duplicated
    • 2.chromosomes move to opposite ends of the cell
    • 3. cell divides resulting in 2 new cells
  5. what do animals cells have that plant cells don't when it comes to mitosis?
    animal cells have centrioles that pull apart duplicated chromosomes, plant cells do not
  6. asexual reproduction is accomplished through _______
  7. cancer is defined as:
    uncontrolled cell division
  8. meiosis only occurs during ________ ___________
    sexual reproduction
  9. what are gametes?
    sex cells
  10. what is the gamete for men? women? and where is it produced
    • sperm, produced in testes
    • egg, produced in ovaries
  11. define diploid
    same # of chromosomes as original cell
  12. define halpoid
    half the number of chromosomes of the original cell
  13. crossing over occurs during:
    the first phase of meiosis
  14. when sperm and egg combine to make a zygote, it is called...
  15. the male hormone is _______ and is produced by the _____
    testosterone, testes
  16. the female hormones are ________ and ___________.
    estrogen and progesterone
  17. the placenta is a tissue which...
    allows exchange of materials with the fetus and mother
  18. the function of ovaries are to..
    produce gametes
  19. the function of the uterus is to..
    provide shelter for egg
  20. the function of the oviduct is to..
    fertilize and transfer eggs
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