Geography of Belize

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  1. what country is to the north and northwest of Belize
  2. what country is to the west and south of Belize
  3. what is to the East of Belize
    Caribbean Sea
  4. "belix"
    maya for muddy
  5. "belikin"
    maya for "land that looks towards the sea"
  6. what is the population of Belize
  7. how much of the population of Belize lives in Belize city
  8. what is the capital of Belize
  9. what is the motto of Belize
    "Sum umbra floreo"
  10. "sum Umbra floreo"
    under the tree we flourish
  11. How much is the Belize dollar
  12. what is the national bird of Belize
    Keel-Billed Toucan
  13. what is the national animal of Belize
    Baird's Tapir
  14. what is the national tree of Belize
  15. what is the national flower of Belize
    Black Orchid
  16. Describe the topography of Northern Belize
    mainly flat, composed of lowlands drained by numerous rivers
  17. Describe the topography of Southern Belize
    dominated by Maya Mountains and associated basins
  18. Topography of coastline
    coastline flat, swampy with many lagoons
  19. what is the highest point in Belize
    Victoria Peak
  20. how high is Victoria Peak
    3675 ft. above sea level
  21. Describe Topography of Karst
    caves, cenotes, and sinkholes
  22. what colors are the mangroves in Belize
    red, white, black, and buttonwood
  23. what purposes do mangroves serve
    purify water, nursery for animals, prevent erosion, maintain shape and structure
  24. what is the second largest barrier in the world
    Belize Barrier Reef
  25. How big is the Blue Hole
    400 ft across and deep
  26. what is the blue hole
    flooded cave that fell in; stalagmites are still visible at the bottom
  27. describe the climate of Belize
    subtropical with pronounced wet and dry seasons
  28. how is the climate from januray through april
  29. how is the climate from may through july
  30. how is the climate from august through october
  31. how is the climate from November through january
  32. what is the temp range in Belize
    50-95 degrees
  33. what is the mean annual temp
    79 degrees
  34. when is Hurricane season in Belize
    june through november
  35. when did hurricane hattie hit
  36. what did Hurricane Hattie do
    • killed 262 people
    • forced capital to move to belmopan
  37. when did Hurricane Richard hit
  38. what did Hurricane Richard do
    devastated Belize Zoo
  39. how long has Belize been home to the Mayans
    3000 years
  40. when was the battle of St. George's Caye
    September 10, 1798
  41. who was in the battle of st. George's caye
    spain v. great britain
  42. when was Belize claimed to be a colony of England as British Honduras
  43. what was the original name of Belize
    British Honduras
  44. what did Belize begin their self government
  45. When is Belize's independence day
    September 21, 1981
  46. What cultures are in Belize
    • Maya:Mopan, Yucatecs, kekchi
    • Creoles-African/European
    • Garinagu or Garifuna- African/Carib
    • Europeans
    • Ladinos or Mestizos- Amerindians/Europeans
    • Mennonites
    • Rastafarians
  47. Languages in Belize
    • English
    • Creole
    • Spanish
    • Garifuna
    • Maya Dialects
    • German
  48. who is the principle of St. Matthews Gov Primary School
    Ms. Ernestine Yacab
  49. what grades does St. Matthews school have
  50. how many students does St. Matthews school have
  51. where is St. Matthews Gov Primary School at
    off the western highway in Cayo
  52. what are the food and waterborne diseases in Belize
    bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A, and typhoid fever
  53. what vector borne diseases are in Belize
    • dengue fever
    • malaria
  54. how many private and public hospitals are located in cities in Belize
    • 3 private
    • 7 public
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