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  1. Define Aquatic:
    growing in, living in, or being around water.
  2. What is an Aquifer?
    A natural formation in the earth that contains groundwater.
  3. What is the Delta?
    • the area where the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers meet to drain into the San Francisco Bay.
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  4. What is an Estuary?
    Lower portion of a river where the salty tide meets the freshwater current.
  5. What is Evaporation?
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    • To change a liquid or solid into a vapor.
  6. What is Erosion?
    This is wearing away of soil or rock by water, wind or other forces.
  7. Define Foothills:
    The lower elevation of a mountain range. (Foothill habitat provide transitional zones between the valley and the mountains for animals which adapt to seasonal changes by migrating up and down to different elevations).
  8. Define Forest:
    a community of plants and animals where trees are the most common member.
  9. What is Groundwater?
    Image Uploadwater within the earth that supplies wells and springs.
  10. What is Habitat?
    an area that provides the food, water shelter and space that certain plants and animals need.
  11. What is Indigenous?
    living naturally in an area; native
  12. What does Marine mean?
    relating to the sea or ocean.
  13. What is a microhabitat?
    a small habitat within a larger one in which environmental conditions differ from those in the surrounding are. A hole in a tree truck is a microhabitat within the forest.
  14. What is shelter?
    Shelter is a necessary part of a habitat; a cover from predators and from the cold and heat.
  15. What is Silt?
    Silt is a sediment that is suspended in stagnant water or carried by moving water that often accumulates on the bottom of rivers, bays, ect; smaller than sand, larger than clay.
  16. Describe Succession:
    the gradual replacement of one plant community by another, such as a freshwater marsh becoming a meadow.
  17. What is a Marsh?
    A wetland without trees; may be fresh water or salt water.
  18. Define Riparian:
    This means to be located or living along a near a stream, river, or body of water.
  19. What does Riverine refer to?
    relating to a river.
  20. What is Spawning?
    Producing or depositing eggs; usually refers to reproduction of fish.
  21. What is Terrestrial?
    living or growing on land; referring to land.
  22. What are Vernal Pools?
    a disappearing habitat of the Central Valley grasslands that have shallow, clay-bottomed pools that collect rainwater. They are habitats for many endemic plants and animals, but they evaporate in late spring or summer.
  23. What is the Water Cycle?
    the continuous circulation of water from oceans to air, to land and back to oceans, involves condensation, evaporation, run-off, precipitation and transpiration.
  24. What is the watershed?
    the area of land that receives and distributes rainwater into a stream, lake or river system.
  25. What is weathering?
    a process in which weather breaks down rocks into smaller and smaller pieces. (The rock fragments do not move but stay in the same location-which makes it different from erosion).
  26. What is a Wetland?
    an area that is flooded during some or all of the year (marsh, mudflat, vernal pool, pond).
  27. What is the woodland?
    a community of plants and animals where trees and grasses are the most common members; but tree tops do not form a closed cover.
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