Barrons GRE A-D

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  1. abase
    lower; degrade; humiliate; make humble; make (oneself) lose self-respect
  2. abash
  3. abate
    subside or moderate
  4. abdicate
    renounce; give up (position, right, or responsibility)
  5. aberrant
    abnormal or deviant
  6. aberration
    deviation from the normal; mental disorder
  7. abet
    assist usually in doing something wrong; encourage
  8. abeyance
    suspended action
  9. abhor
    detest; hate
  10. abject
    (of a condition) wretched; as low as possible; lacking pride; very humble; showing lack of self-respect; Ex. abject apology
  11. abjure
    renounce upon oath
  12. ablution
  13. abnegation
    renunciation; self-sacrifice; self-abnegation
  14. abominate
    loathe; hate
  15. abominable
    detestable; extremely unpleasant
  16. aboriginal
    being the first of its kind in a region; primitive; native; indigenous; N. aborigine
  17. abortive
    unsuccessful; fruitless
  18. abridge
    condense or shorten
  19. abrogate
  20. abscission
    cutting off; separation
  21. abscond
    depart secretly and hide
  22. absolve
    pardon (an offense)
  23. abstemious
    sparing in eating and drinking; temperate
  24. abstinence
    restraint from pleasant things, esp. eating or drinking; CF. abstention: act of abstaining from vote
  25. abstract
    theoretical; not concrete; nonrepresentational
  26. abstruse
    obscure; profound; difficult to understand
  27. abusive
    coarsely insulting; physically harmful
  28. abut
    border upon; adjoin
  29. abysmal
  30. abyss
    enormous chasm; vast bottomless pit
  31. academic
    related to a school; not practical or directly useful
  32. accede
  33. accelerate
    move faster
  34. accessible
    easy to approach; obtainable
  35. accessory
    additional object; useful but not essential thing
  36. acclaim
    applaud; praise; greet with great approval; announce with great approval; Ex. The new drung has been acclaimed as the most important discoveries for years; N: strong expression of approval and praise
  37. acclimate
    adjust to climate or environment; adapt
  38. acclivity
    sharp upslope of a hill; OP. declivity
  39. accolade
    award of merit; strong praise and approval
  40. accommodate
    oblige or help someone; adjust or bring into harmony; adapt; make enough space for; ADJ. accommodative; CF. accomodating: helpful and obliging
  41. accomplice
    partner in crime
  42. accord
  43. accost
    approach and speak first to a person
  44. accoutre
    equip; N. accoutrement
  45. accretion
    growth or increase in size by gradual addition; growth; increase; increase by natural growth; Ex. towers and other accretions of the castle; V. accrete
  46. accrue
    come to one as a gain; accumulate over time; come about by addition; Ex. benefits that accrue from scientific research; Ex. interest accruing in a bank account; N. accrual
  47. acerbity
    bitterness of speech and temper; ADJ. acerbic: bitter; acrid (in taste, manner, or tone)
  48. acetic
  49. acidulous
    slightly sour (in taste or manner); sharp; caustic
  50. acknowledge
    recognize; admit
  51. acme
    peak; pinnacle; highest point
  52. acoustics
    science of sound; quality that makes a room easy or hard to hear in
  53. acquiesce
    assent; agree passively; comply without protest
  54. acquittal
    deliverance from a charge; V. acquit: free from a charge or accusation; discharge from a duty; conduct (oneself) in a specified manner
  55. acrid
    bitter (to the taste or smell); sharp; bitterly pungent
  56. acrimonious
    stinging; caustic; bitter in words or manner; N. acrimony: bitter ill-natured animosity in speech or behavior
  57. acrophobia
    fear of heights
  58. actuarial
    calculating; pertaining to insurance statistics
  59. actuary
    someone who advises insurance companies
  60. actuate
    motivate; activate; cause to act
  61. acuity
    sharpness (of mind or senses of sight or hearing)
  62. acumen
    mental keenness; sharpness of judgment; ability to judge quickly and well; Ex. business acumen
  63. acute
    (of the senses) sharp; quickly perceptive; keen; penetrating; brief and severe; Ex. acute sense of smell/analysis/pain
  64. adage
    wise saying; proverb
  65. proverb
    adage; someone or something well known for notoriety; ADJ. proverbial: of a proverb; widely known; ADV. proverbially
  66. adamant
    hard; inflexible
  67. adapt
    make or become suitable for a specific use; alter; modify; adjust; N. adaptation: act of adapting; composition recast into a new form; Ex. The play is an adaption of a short novel.
  68. addendum
    addition; appendix to book; something that is added (as at the end of a speech or book)
  69. addiction
    compulsive habitual need
  70. addle
    make or become confused; muddle; drive crazy; become rotten (egg)
  71. address
    direct a speech to; speak to; deal with or discuss; direct one's efforts or attention to; make with a destination; N: formal speech
  72. adept
    expert at; very skilled
  73. adhere
    stick fast; be a devotd follower; N. adhesion: adhering; devotion; loyality
  74. adherent
    supporter; follower
  75. adjacent
    adjoining; neighboring; close by
  76. adjunct
    something attached to but holding an inferior position
  77. adjuration
    solemn urging; V. adjure: entreat earnestly; enjoin solemnly
  78. adjutant
    staff officer assisting the commander; assistant
  79. admonish
    warn or speak to with gentle disapproval; reprove
  80. adorn
  81. adroit
    skillful (in using mind or hand)
  82. adulation
    flattery; admiration that is more than is necessary or deserved
  83. adulterate
    make impure or of poorer quality by adding inferior or tainted(contaminated) substances
  84. advent
  85. adventitious
    accidental; casual; happening by chance
  86. adversary
    opponent; enemy
  87. adverse
    going against; opposing; unfavorable; hostile
  88. adversity
    great hardship or affliction; misfortune; calamitous event
  89. advert
  90. advocacy
    support; active pleading on behalf of someone or something
  91. advocate
    speak in favor of; support (an idea or plan); urge; plead for
  92. aegis
    shield; protection; defense
  93. aerie(aery,eyrie,eyry)
    nest of a large bird of prey
  94. aesthetic
    artistic; dealing with or capable of appreciating the beautiful (of a person or building); CF. aesthete; CF. aesthetics
  95. affable
    easily approachable; easy to talk to; warmly friendly
  96. affected
    artificial; pretended
  97. affidavit
    written statement made under oath (for use as proof in a court of law)
  98. affiliation
    joining; associating with
  99. affinity
    feeling of kinship; similarity; Ex. strong affinity for her; Ex. many affinities between two languages
  100. affirmation
    positive assertion; confirmation; solemn pledge by one who refuses to take an oath; V. affirm; ADJ. affirmative; CF. affirmative action: positive discrimination
  101. affliction
    state of distress; trial; cause of distress or suffering; V. afflict: inflict grievous suffering on
  102. affluence
    abundance; wealth
  103. affront
    insult; offense; intentional act of disrespect; V: insult or hurt the feelings of intentionally
  104. agape
  105. agenda
    items of business at a meeting
  106. agglomeration
    collection; heap; V. agglomerate: gather into a rounded mass; N. aggolmeate: jumbled mass; heap
  107. aggrandize
    make greater; increase in power, wealth, rank, or honor; N. aggrandizement
  108. aggregate
    sum; total; ADJ. V: gather into a mass or whole; accumulate; add up to; Ex. aggregate 100 dollars
  109. aghast
    filled with great surprise or fear; horrified
  110. agility
    nimbleness; ability to move quickly
  111. agitate
    stir up; disturb
  112. agnostic
    one who is skeptical of the existence or knowability of a god or any ultimate reality
  113. agog
    highly excited; intensely curious
  114. agrarian
    pertaining to land or its cultivation; Ex. agrarian reform
  115. alacrity
    cheerful promptness without reluctance
  116. alchemy
    medieval chemistry
  117. alcove
    nook; recess
  118. alias
    an assumed name esp. by a criminal (usually to mislead people); ADV. alias
  119. alienate
    make unfriendly or hostile; estrange; separate; change the ownership of
  120. alimentary
    supplying nourishment
  121. alimony
    payments made regularly to an ex-spouse after divorce
  122. allay
    calm; pacify
  123. allege
    state without proof
  124. allegiance
  125. allegory
    story, play, or picture in which characters are used as symbols; fable
  126. alleviate
    relieve (pain)
  127. alliteration
    repetition of beginning sound in poetry
  128. allocate
    assign; set apart for a particular purpose
  129. alloy
    mixture as of metals; something added that lowers in value or purity; V: mix; make less pure; lower in value or quality; spoil; CF. unalloyed: not in mixture with other maetals; pure; complete; unqualified; Ex. unalloyed happiness
  130. allude
    refer indirectly; N. allusion: indirect reference
  131. allure
    entice; attract; tempt
  132. siren
    apparatus for making sounds; womanlike creature
  133. alluvial
    pertaining to soil deposits left by running water
  134. aloof
    apart; not open in one's relationship with other people; reserved; ADV.
  135. aloft
    upward; high up in the air
  136. altercation
    noisy quarrel
  137. altruistic
    unselfishly generous; concerned for others; N. altiruism: unselfish concern for the welfare of others; unselfishness; OP. egoism
  138. amalgamate
    (of societies or groups) combine; unite in one body
  139. amalgam
    combination of different things; mixture of metals (containing mercury) used for filling holes in teeth
  140. amass
    collect (gradually, in a very large amount)
  141. amazon
    female warrior
  142. ambidextrous
    capable of using either hand with equal ease
  143. ambience
    environment; atmosphere; Ex. restraurant with a pleasant ambience; ADJ. ambient: completely surrounding; Ex. ambient temperature
  144. ambiguous
    unclear or doubtful in meaning; having more than one possible interpretation
  145. ambivalence
    the state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes or opinions
  146. amble
    walking at an easy unhurried pace; V: walk slowly and aimlessly
  147. ambrosia
    food of the gods
  148. nectar
    drink of the gods; sweet liquid collected by bees
  149. ambulatory
    able to walk
  150. ameliorate
  151. amenable
    obedient; compliant; readily managed; responsive; willing to be led; answerable or accountable legally; responsible; able to be tested by; Ex. amenable to sensible suggestions; Ex. He is very amenable; Ex. amenable to the usual tests
  152. amend
    correct; change ; generally for the better
  153. amenities
    convenient features that helps to make life pleasant; social courtesies
  154. amiable
    agreeable; lovable; warmly friendly
  155. amicable
    peaceful; politely friendly; not quarrelsome; Ex. amicable settlement
  156. amiss
    wrong; faulty; Ex. something amiss; ADV.
  157. amity
    friendship; peaceful relationship as between nations
  158. amnesia
    loss of memory
  159. amnesty
    pardon (allowed by government to political criminals)
  160. amoral
    nonmoral; having no understanding of right and wrong
  161. amorous
    moved by sexual love; loving; of sexual love; Ex. amorous advances
  162. amorphous
    formless; lacking shape or definition
  163. amphibian
    able to live both on land and in water; N.
  164. amphitheater
    oval building with tiers of seats; CF. arena
  165. ample
    enough; abundant; spacious; large in size; Ex. ample opportunity/garden; N. amplitude: quality of being ample; abundance; largeness of space
  166. amplify
    increase in size or effect; expand; broaden or clarify by expanding; intensify; make stronger; Ex. amplify one's remarks with a graph
  167. amputate
    cut off part of body; prune (a limb)
  168. amok(amuck)
    in a state of rage; Ex. run amok
  169. amulet
    charm; talisman; an object worn believed to protect against evil, bad luck
  170. anachronism
    an error involving time in a story; something or someone misplaced in time; ADJ. anachronistic
  171. analgesic
    causing insensitivity to pain; N.
  172. analgesia
    condition of being unable to feel pain
  173. analogous
    comparable; similar
  174. analogy
    similarity; parallelism; comparing two similar things
  175. anarchist
    person who seeks to overturn the established government; advocate of abolishing authority
  176. anarchy
    absence of governing body; state of disorder
  177. anathema
    solemn curse; someone or something regarded as a curse; V. anathematize
  178. ancestry
    family descent; ADJ. ancestral
  179. anchor
    secure or fasten firmly; be fixed in place; N. anchorage
  180. ancillary
    serving as an aid or accessory; auxiliary; N.
  181. anecdote
    short story of an amusing or interesting event
  182. anemia
    condition in which blood lacks red corpuscles; ADJ. anemic
  183. anesthetic
    substance that removes sensation with or without loss of consciousness; N. anesthesia
  184. anguish
    acute pain; extreme suffering
  185. angular
    sharp-cornered; having an angle; not rounded (body); bony; lean; gaunt; stiff in manner
  186. animadversion
    critical remark; V. animadvert: comment critically with disapproval
  187. animated
    lively; spirited
  188. animosity
    active enmity
  189. animus
    hostile feeling or intent; animosity; hostility; disposition
  190. annals
    records arranged in yearly parts; history
  191. anneal
    reduce brittleness and improve toughness by heating and cooling (metal or glass)
  192. annex
    attach; add to a large thing; take possession of; incorporate (territory) into a larger existing political unit (by force); N: building added to a large one
  193. annihilate
  194. annotate
    comment; make explanatory notes
  195. annuity
    yearly allowance
  196. annul
    make void
  197. elope
    run away secretly with the intention of getting married
  198. anodyne
    drug that relieves pain or trouble; ÁøÃ...ëÁ¦; opiate; ADJ. Ex. anodyne statement
  199. anoint
    consecrate; put oil on (in a religious ceremony)
  200. anomalous
    abnormal; irregular
  201. anomaly
  202. anonymity
    state of being nameless; anonymousness; ADJ. anonymous
  203. antagonism
    hostility; active opposition; V. antagonize: cause to become an enemy; N. antagonist: person who is opposed to another; opponent; adversary; principal character in oppostion to the protagonist
  204. antecede
  205. antecedents
    preceding events that influence what comes later; ancestors or early background
  206. antediluvian
    antiquated; extremely ancient
  207. anthem
    song of praise or patriotism; Ex. national anthem
  208. anthology
    book of literary selections by various authors; CF. omnibus
  209. anthropoid
    manlike; resembling a human being; N.
  210. anthropologist
    student of the history and science of humankind
  211. anthropomorphic
    having human form or characteristics
  212. anticlimax
    letdown in thought or emotion; something unexciting, ordinary, or disappointing coming after something important or exciting
  213. antidote
    remedy to counteract a poison or disease; Ex. antidote to the economic troubles
  214. antipathy
    aversion; dislike or opposition
  215. antiquated
    obsolete; old-fashioned; outdated
  216. antiseptic
    substance that prevents infection in a wound; ADJ.
  217. antithesis
    contrast; direct opposite of or to; ADJ. antithetic or antithetical
  218. anvil
    iron block used in hammering out metals
  219. apathy
    lack of caring; indifference; lack of concern or interest in important matters; Ex. He was sunk in apathy after his failure; ADJ. apathetic
  220. ape
    imitate or mimic (a person's behavior or manner)
  221. aperture
    opening; hole; adjustable opening in a camera that limits the amount of light
  222. apex
    tip; summit; climax; highest point
  223. aphasia
    loss of speech due to injury or illness
  224. aphorism
    pithy maxim or saying; ADJ. aphoristic
  225. apiary
    a place where bees are kept
  226. hive
    box for bees; V: cause to go in a hive
  227. apiculture
  228. apiarist
    person who keeps bees
  229. aplomb
    poise; composure in difficult situations; assurance; self-confidence
  230. poise
    good judgment with composure; balance; V: place in a carefully balanced position
  231. apocalyptic
    prophetic; pertaining to revelations especially of disaster; N. apocalypse
  232. apocryphal
    (of a story) widely believed but untrue
  233. apogee
    highest point; the point farthest from the earth; OP. perigee
  234. apolitical
    having an aversion or lack of concern for political affairs
  235. apologist
    one who writes in defense of a cause or institution; N. apologia
  236. apoplexy
    stroke; loss of consciousness caused by too much blood in the brain
  237. apostate
    one who abandons his religious faith or political beliefs; N. apostasy
  238. apothecary
    druggist; pharmacist
  239. apothegm(apophthegm)
    pithy, compact saying
  240. apotheosis
    elevation to godhood; an ideal example of something
  241. appall
    dismay; shock deeply
  242. apparition
    ghost; phantom
  243. appease
    pacify or soothe; Ex. appease a crying baby; N. appeasement
  244. appellation
    name; title
  245. append
  246. application
    diligent attention; diligence; V. apply oneself
  247. apposite
    appropriate; fitting
  248. appraise
    estimate value of; N. appraisal
  249. appreciate
    be thankful for; increase in worth; be thoroughly conscious of; ADJ. appreciable: enough to be felt; Ex. appreciable difference
  250. apprehend
    arrest (a criminal); dread; perceive; N. apprehension
  251. apprehensive
    fearful; discerning
  252. apprise
  253. approbation
  254. appropriate
    acquire; take possession of for one's own use without permission; set aside for a particular purpose; allocate; CF. misappropriate
  255. appurtenances
    subordinate possessions; something added to a more important thing
  256. apropos
    with reference to; regarding; Ex. remarks apropos (of) the present situation; ADJ. ADV.
  257. aptitude
    fitness; talent
  258. aquiline
    curved; hooked; of or like an eagle; Ex. aquiline nose
  259. arable
    fit for growing crops; Ex. arable land
  260. arbiter
    person with power to decide a matter in dispute; judge who is in a position ot make influential judgments; Ex. supreme arbiter of fashion in beachware
  261. arbitrary
    unreasonable or capricious; random; tyrannical; Ex. arbitrary ruler
  262. arbitrate
    act as judge (at the request of both sides)
  263. arboretum
    place where different trees and shrubs are studied and exhibited
  264. arboreal
    of or living in trees
  265. arcade
    a covered passageway usually lined with shops
  266. arcane
    esoteric; secret; mysterious; known only to the initiated; Ex. arcane ritual; Ex. arcane process closed to the uninitiated listener
  267. archaeology
    study of artifacts and relics of early mankind
  268. archaic
    antiquated; no longer used; belonging to the past; N.
  269. archetype
    prototype; primitive pattern
  270. arch-
    chief; first; Ex. archbishop
  271. archipelago
    group of closely located islands
  272. archives
    public records; place where public records are kept
  273. ardor
    heat; passion; zeal; ADJ. ardent
  274. arduous
    hard; strenuous; Ex. arduous work
  275. argot
    slang; speech spoken by only a small group of people
  276. aria
    operatic solo; a song sung by one person in an opera or oratorio
  277. arid
    (of land) dry; barren; unproductive
  278. aristocracy
    hereditary nobility; privileged class; government by nobility; N. aristocrat
  279. armada
    fleet of warships
  280. aromatic
    fragrant; having a sweet smell; N. aroma: strong pleasant smell
  281. arraign
    charge in court; indict
  282. array
    marshal; draw up in order; arrange in order; clothe splendidly; adorn; N: fine clothes; ordered group; Ex. in battle array
  283. arrears
    being in debt; money that should have been paid; work that should have been done
  284. arrhythmic
    lacking rhythm or regularity; N. arrhythmia
  285. arrogance
    pride; haughtiness; ADJ. arrogant: unpleasantly self-important (with a strong confidence in one's own importance and a lack of respect for other people)
  286. arroyo
    gully; narrow channel formed by rainwater
  287. artery
    blood-vessel; CF. vein
  288. articulate
    effective; distinct; expressing ideas clearly; having clear sounds; having joints; Ex. articulate speech; V: express thoughts and feeling clearly; pronounce clearly; unite by joints
  289. arsenal
    storage place for military equipment
  290. artifacts
    object made by human beings, either hand-made or mass-produced
  291. artifice
    deception; trickery
  292. artisan
    a manually skilled worker
  293. artless
    without guile; open and honest
  294. ascendancy
    controlling influence; position of controlling influence; CF. in the ascendant
  295. ascertain
    find out for certain; make certain
  296. ascetic
    practicing self-denial; avoiding physical pleasures and comforts; austere; Ex. ascetic life of Buddhist monks; N. asceticism
  297. ascribe
    refer; attribute; assign
  298. aseptic
    preventing infection; having a cleansing effect
  299. ashen
    ash-colored; deadly pale
  300. asinine
    stupid; Ex. asinine remarks
  301. askance
    with a sideways or indirect look (with disapproval or distruct); Ex. look askance at
  302. askew
    crookedly; slanted; at an angle
  303. asperity
    sharpness; roughness; severity (of temper or weather); Ex. asperities of a Russian winter
  304. aspersion
    slanderous remark; Ex. cast aspersions on
  305. aspirant
    seeker after position or status
  306. aspire
    seek to attain (position or status); long for; Ex. aspire to become president; Ex. aspire to/after the leadership
  307. assail
  308. assay
    analyze (to discover what materials are present); evaluate (soil or ore)
  309. assent
    agree; accept; N. assessment
  310. assert
    state strongly or positively; demand recognition of (rights, claims, etc.); make a claim to (by forceful action); Ex. assert one's independence
  311. assiduous
  312. assimilate
    absorb; take (food) into the body and digest it; understand (knowledge) completely and be able to use properly; cause to become homogeneous (the people of a country or race in the wasy of behaving or thinking)
  313. assuage
    make less severe; ease or lessen (pain); satisfy (hunger); soothe (anger)

    • make (an unpleasant feeling) less intense.
    • "the letter assuaged the fears of most members"
  314. assumption
    something taken for granted; the taking over or taking possession of; Ex. her assumption of power; V. assume
  315. regent
    a person who governs in place of a ruler who is ill, absent, or still a child; ADJ. Ex. the Prince regent
  316. assurance
    firm statement that something is certainly true; promise or pledge; certainty; confidence in one's own ability; self-confidence; Ex. In spite of all his assurances, he did not come back; Ex. assurance of his loyalty; Ex. The teacher lacked assurance in fron of his class; V. assure; tell firmly with confidence; ensure; make (something) certain to heappen; make (someone) feel sure; give confidence to; ADJ. assured: self-assured; confident in one's own ability; showing certainty
  317. asteroid
    small planet
  318. astigmatism
    eye defect which prevents proper focus; OP. stigmatism
  319. astral
    relating to the stars
  320. astringent
    binding; causing contraction (stopping bleeding); harsh or severe; stringent; Ex. astringent criticism
  321. astronomical
    enormously large or extensive
  322. astute
    wise; shrewd; keen; seeing quickly something that is to one's advantage
  323. asunder
    into parts; apart; V. sunder
  324. asylum
    place of refuge or shelter; protection (religious or political)
  325. asymmetric
    not identical on both sides of a dividing central line
  326. atavism
    resemblance to remote ancestors rather than to parents; reversion to an earlier type; throwback; ADJ. atavistic
  327. atheistic
    denying the existence of God; N. atheism
  328. atone
    make amends for; pay for; Ex. atone for
  329. atrocity
    brutal deed; ADJ. atrocious
  330. atrophy
    wasting away; V: weaken and lose flesh and muscle (through lack of blood or lack of use)
  331. attentive
    alert and watchful; listening carefully; paying attention; considerate; thoughtful; politely helpful; Ex. attentive audience; Ex. He was attentive to the old lady; N. attentions: act of courtesy and consideration
  332. attenuate
    make thin; weaken
  333. attest
    testify; bear witness
  334. attribute
    essential quality; V: ascribe; explain
  335. attrition
    rubbing away by friction; gradual decrease in numbers or strength; reduction in the work force without firing employees; wearing away of opposition by means of harassment; Ex. a war of attrition
  336. atypical
    not normal; not typical
  337. audacious
    daring; bold; N. audacity
  338. audit
    examination of accounts of a business; official examination; V.
  339. augment
    increase; add to
  340. augury
    omen; prophecy; sign of coming events; V. augur: predict; foretell; be a sign of (something in future)
  341. august
    impressive; majestic
  342. aureole
    sun's corona; halo; bright circle of light
  343. auroral
    pertaining to the aurora borealis; CF. aurora australis
  344. auspicious
    favoring success; giving signs of future success; Cf. auspices
  345. austere
    forbiddingly stern; ascetic; without comfort or enjoyment; severely simple and unornamented; Ex. a monk's austere life; Ex. austere grandeur of the cathedral; N. austerity
  346. authenticate
    prove genuine
  347. authoritarian
    subordinating the individual to the state; completely dominating another's will; Ex. authoritarian regime/father
  348. authoritative
    having the weight of authority; regarded as providing knowledge that can be trusted; reliable; peremptory and dictatorial; Ex. authoritative dictionary/manner; CF. definitive
  349. autocratic
    having absolute unchecked power; dictatorial; N. autocrat, autocracy
  350. automaton
    mechanism that imitates actions of humans; machine that works by itself
  351. autonomous
    self-governing; N. autonomy
  352. autopsy
    examination of a dead body; postmortem; V.
  353. auxiliary
    offering or providing help; additional or subsidiary; N: helper; assistant
  354. avalanche
    great mass of falling snow and ice
  355. avarice
    greediness for wealth
  356. avenge
    take vengence for something or on behalf of someone; Ex. They avenged his death by burning the village; Ex. He swore to avenge his brother; Ex. They avenged themselves on their enemy.
  357. aver
    state confidently; declare as true
  358. averse
    reluctant; disinclined; not liking or opposed; Ex. averse to cats/doing the house work
  359. aversion
    firm dislike
  360. avert
    prevent; avoid; turn away (eyes or thought); Ex. An accident was averted by his quick thinking; Ex. She averted her eyes from the terrible sight.
  361. aviary
    enclosure for birds; large cage
  362. avid
    greedy; extremely eager for; Ex. avid learner; N. avidity
  363. avocation
    secondary or minor occupation
  364. avow
    declare openly; N. avowal
  365. avuncular
    of or like an uncle
  366. awe
    solemn wonder; feeling of respect mixed with wonder and fear; V: fill with awe; ADJ. awesome
  367. awful
    terrible; very bad
  368. awl
    pointed tool used for piercing
  369. awry
    distorted; crooked; bent; Ex. Our plans have gone awry.
  370. axiom
    self-evident truth requiring no proof
  371. azure
    sky blue
  372. babble
    chatter idly or foolishly; make continuous sounds like water running gently over rounded stone; N.
  373. bacchanalian
  374. bacchanal
    noisy party with a lot of drinking
  375. Bacchanalia
    the ancient Roman festival in honor of Bacchus
  376. badger
    pester; annoy continually with demands; persuade by asking again and again; Ex. The children badgered me into taking them into the cinema; N: a kind of mountain animal
  377. badinage
    teasing conversation; banter; joking talk
  378. baffle
    frustrate; perplex
  379. bait
    harass; tease; torment; Ex. badger baiting; N: food or other lure used to catch fish or trap animals
  380. baleful
    evil; malignant in intent or effect; deadly; having a malign influence; portending evil; ominous; threatening; Ex. baleful look
  381. balk
    stop short, as if faced with an obstacle, and refuse to continue; foil; stop or get in the way of; frustrate
  382. ballast
    heavy substance used to add stability or weight; V. supply with ballast
  383. balm
    something that relieves pain; oily liquid with a pleasant smell from trees
  384. pang
    sudden sharp feeling of pain
  385. balmy
    soft and mild (of air); fragrant
  386. banal
    hackneyed; commonplace; trite; lacking originality; clich'ed
  387. bandy
    discuss lightly or glibly; discuss in a frivolous manner; exchange (words) heatedly; quarrel; Ex. bandy words with
  388. bane
    posion; cause of ruin; ADJ. baneful: harmful; poisonous
  389. bantering
    joking talk; good-naturedly ridiculing; N.V. banter
  390. barb
    sharp projection from fishhook, arrow, or other object; openly cutting remark
  391. bard
  392. barefaced
    shameless and noticeable; blatant; bold; unconcealed; having no covering on the face; Ex. barefaced lie
  393. unregenerate
    making no attempt to change one's bad practices
  394. baroque
    highly ornate
  395. barrage
    barrier laid down by artillery fire; overwhelming profusion; large number of questions or statements; Ex. a barrage of criticism
  396. barrister
    counselor-at-law or lawyer in the higher court of law; CF. bar
  397. solicitor
    lawyer in the lower court of law
  398. barterer
    trader; V. barter: trade; exchange good for other goods rather than money
  399. bask
    luxuriate; take pleasure in warmth
  400. luxuriate
    take pleasure in great comfort
  401. bastion
    stronghold; something seen as a source of protection; Ex. the last bastion of male chauvinism
  402. bate
    let down; lessen the force of; moderate; restrain; Ex. with bated breath; CF. abate
  403. bauble
    trinket; cheap jewel; trifle
  404. bawdy
    indecent; obscene; about sex in a rude funny way; CF. bawd
  405. beatific
    giving or showing bliss; blissful
  406. bliss
    complete happiness; ADJ. blissful
  407. beatitude
    blessedness; state of great happiness
  408. mystic
    of hidden meaning and spiritual power; Ex. mystic ceremonies; N. CF. mysticism
  409. bedizen
    dress with vulgar finery
  410. finery
    beautiful clothes for a special occasion
  411. bedraggle
    wet thoroughly; ADJ. bedraggled: draggled
  412. beeline
    direct quick route
  413. befuddle
    confuse thoroughly
  414. fuddle
    make stupid or confused as with alcholic drink; N. in a fuddle: confused
  415. beget
    father; become the father of; produce; give rise to
  416. begrudge
    envy; give or allow unwillingly; grudge; Ex. We shouldn't begrudge him his success.
  417. grudge
    deep feeling of dislike; Ex. grudge fight; V.
  418. beguile
    deceive; mislead or delude; cheat; pass time pleasantly; charm or attract; Ex. beguiling smile
  419. behemoth
    huge creature; something of monstrous size or power
  420. beholden
    obligated; indebted; owing thanks; obliged or indebted from gratitude
  421. behoove(behove)
    be suited to; be incumbent upon; be right and necessary; Ex. It behooves one to do.
  422. belabor
    harp on; dwell on tediously; explain or go over excessively or to a ridiculous degree; assail verbally; beat severely; attack physically
  423. belated
  424. beleaguer
    besiege or attack (with an army); harass; beset
  425. belie
    contradict; give a false impression; disguise; Ex. The poor sales belied our high hopes; Ex. Her smile belies her true feeling of displeasure.
  426. belittle
    disparage; depreciate
  427. bellicose
  428. belligerent
  429. bemoan
    lament; moan for; express sorrow or disapproval of
  430. bemused
    confused; lost in thought; preoccupied
  431. benediction
  432. benefactor
    gift giver; patron; person who does good or who gives money for a good purpose
  433. beneficent
    kindly; doing good
  434. beneficial
    helpful; useful; advantageous
  435. beneficiary
    person entitled to benefits or proceeds of an insurance policy or will
  436. benefit
    advantage; anything that brings helpl, advantage, or profit; money provided by the government to the people; fund-raising public entertainment; Ex. unemployment benefit; V: receive benefits; be beneficial to; give benefits
  437. benevolent
    generous; charitable; having a wish to do good
  438. benign
    kindly; favorable; not malignant (disease); Ex. benign tumor
  439. benison
  440. bent
    determined; Ex. bent on advancing in the business; N: natural talent or inclination
  441. bequeath
    leave to someone by means of a will; hand down in his will; N. bequest
  442. berate
    scold strongly
  443. bereavement
    state of being deprived of something valuable or beloved; state of being bereaved or bereft
  444. bereaved
    deprived of (someone beloved through death)
  445. bereft
    deprived of (something valuable); lacking
  446. berserk
    mad with violent anger; frenzied; madly excited
  447. beseech
    beg; plead with
  448. beset
    harass or trouble from all directions; hem in
  449. hem
    surround tightly so that movement is impossible; Ex. hem in; N.
  450. besiege
    surround with armed forces; harass (with requests); annoy continually
  451. besmirch
    soil; defile; make dirty
  452. bestial
    beastlike; brutal; inhuman; very cruel
  453. bestow
  454. betoken
    signify; indicate; be a sign of
  455. token
    outward sign; Ex. a token of our gratitude
  456. betray
    be unfaithful; reveal (unconsciously or unwillingly); Ex. Her trembling hands betray her anxiety.
  457. betroth
    become engaged to marry
  458. bevy
    large group; Ex. a bevy of starlets
  459. bicameral
    two-chambered as a legislative body
  460. bicker
  461. biennial
    every two years
  462. bifurcated
    divided into two branches; forked
  463. bigotry
    stubborn intolerance
  464. bigot
    one who is intolerant (in matters of religion or politics)
  465. intolerant
    not willing to accept ways of thinking different from one's own; CF. tolerant; CF. tolerate
  466. bilious
    suffering from indigestion; sick from having too much bile; irritable; easily irritated
  467. bilk
    swindle; cheat
  468. billowing
    swelling out in waves; surging
  469. billow
    large wave of water; a great swell or surge (of smoke); V: surge, swell, roll in billows
  470. swell
    long wave of water that moves continuously without breaking; V.
  471. surge
    powerful movement of or like a wave; V.
  472. bivouac
    temporary encampment; camp without tents; V.
  473. bizarre
    fantastic; violently contrasting; noticeably odd; strikingly unconventional
  474. blanch
    bleach; whiten; make white or pale
  475. bland
    soothing or mild (food); agreeable; causing no trouble or offence
  476. blandishment
  477. blare
    loud or harsh roar or screech; dazzling blaze of light
  478. screech
    unpleasant high sharp sound; shriek; V.
  479. dazzle
    make blind with a sudden intense light; amaze; fill with wonder
  480. blas'e
    bored with pleasure or dissipation; uninterested or bored
  481. blasphemy
    irreverence; sacrilege; cursing; bad language about God or holy things; V. blasphem; ADJ. blasphemous; CF. sacrilege
  482. blatant
    extremely (offensively) obvious; loudly offensive; Ex. blatant lie; N. blatancy
  483. bleak
    cold or cheerless; frigid; unlikely to be favorable; depressing
  484. blighted
    suffering from a disease; destroyed
  485. blight
    plant disease; V: infect with blight; ruin; destroy
  486. blithe(blithesome)
    gay; joyous
  487. bloated
    (unpleasantly) swollen or puffed as with water or air
  488. blowhard
    talkative boaster; braggart
  489. bludgeon
    club; heavy-headed weapon; V.
  490. bluff
    pretense (of strength); deception; high cliff; ADJ: rough but good-natured
  491. blunder
    error; stupid mistake
  492. blurt
    utter impulsively from nervousness or excitement
  493. bluster
    blow in heavy gusts; threaten emptily; bully; speak in a noisy or bullying manner; CF. breeze, gust, gale
  494. bully
    one who is habitually cruel to weaker people; V.
  495. bode
    foreshadow; portend
  496. bogus
    counterfeit; not authentic; intentionally false; Ex. bogus interview
  497. bohemian
    unconventional (in an artistic way)
  498. boisterous
    violent; rough; noisy
  499. bolster
    support; reinforce
  500. bolt
    door bar; fastening pin or screw; length of fabric; large roll of cloth; V: dash or dart off; fasten (a door); gobble down
  501. dart
    move or throw suddenly and quickly
  502. gobble
    eat very quickly
  503. bombardment
    attack (as with missiles or bombs); V. bombard
  504. bombastic
    pompous; using inflated language
  505. bombast
    grandiloquent, pompous speech
  506. boon
    blessing; benefit; something very helpful
  507. boorish
    rude; insensitive
  508. boor
    rude, insensitive person
  509. bouillon
    clear beef (or meat) soup
  510. bountiful
    generous; graciously generous; showing bounty
  511. gracious
    kind in a generous way (to someone less important)
  512. bourgeois
    middle class; selfishly materialistic; too interested in material possessions
  513. bovine
    cowlike; placid and dull; slow-thinking; calm
  514. bowdlerize
    expurgate; CF. Thomas Bowdler
  515. brackish
    somewhat saline
  516. braggadocio
  517. brag
  518. braggart
    boaster; bragger
  519. brandish
    wave around (a weapon); flourish
  520. bravado
    swagger; assumed air of defiance; false show of bravery
  521. swagger
    walk or behave with an over-confident manner
  522. brawn
    human muscle; muscular strength; sturdiness
  523. brawny
    muscular; having well-developed muscles
  524. sturdy
    strong and firm (in the body)
  525. brazen
    insolent; without shame; bold; Ex. brazen lie; V: face with bold self-assurance or with unshamed confidence
  526. brawl
    noisy quarrel
  527. breach
    breaking of contract or duty; fissure or gap; opening; V.
  528. breadth
    width; extent
  529. brevity
    conciseness; shortness of duration
  530. brindled
    tawny or grayish with streaks or spots (of animals)
  531. tawny
    brownish yellow
  532. bristling
    rising like bristles; showing irritation
  533. bristle
    short stiff hair; V: (hair or fur) stand up stiffly
  534. brittle
    hard but easily broken; difficult; unstable; Ex. brittle situation
  535. broach
    introduce as a subject; moot; open up
  536. brocade
    rich, figured(patterned) fabric
  537. brochure
  538. brooch
    ornamental clasp; pin
  539. clasp
    hold firmly within arms
  540. brook
    tolerate; endure; Ex. brook no interference; N: small stream
  541. browbeat
    bully; intimidate
  542. browse
    graze; feed on growing grass; skim or glance at casually
  543. graze
    (of an animal) feed on growing grass; cause (an animal) to feed on grass; scrape (esp. the skin) or touch lightly in passing; brush; Ex. We can't graze the cattle till summer; N: surface wound
  544. skim
    read or glance through quickly; touch lightly in passing; brush; remove from the surface of a liquid
  545. brunt
    main impact or shock (of an attack or blow); Ex. brunt of the argument
  546. brusque
    blunt; abrupt; curt; not wanting to waste time being nice
  547. buccaneer
  548. bucolic
    rustic; pastoral
  549. buffet
    strike forcefully; slap; batter; knock out; N: table with food set out for people to server themselves; meal at which people help themselves to food that's been set
  550. slap
    hit quickly with the flat part of the hand; N. CF. smack
  551. buffoonery
  552. buffoon
    stupid person; clown
  553. clown
    act stupidly; play the fool; N.
  554. bugaboo
    bugbear; object of baseless terror
  555. bullion
    gold and silver in the form of bars
  556. bulwark
    strong wall built for defense; earthwork or other strong defense; person who defends
  557. bungle
    mismanage; blunder; botch; blow; spoil by clumsy behavior
  558. botch
    mismanage; blow
  559. buoyant
    able to float; cheerful and optimistic; N. buoyancy; Ex. buoyancy of wood/water/American market
  560. bureaucracy
    overregulated administrative system marked by red tape; ADJ. bureaucratic
  561. burgeon
    grow rapidly; grow forth; send out buds; Ex. burgeoning computer industry; CF. bludgeon
  562. burlesque
    give an imitation that ridicules; imitate mockingly
  563. burnish
    make shiny by rubbing; polish
  564. buttress
    support; prop up; N. stationary structure to support wall; Ex. flying buttress
  565. prop
    support placed under or against something; V.
  566. buxom
    full-bosomed; plump; jolly
  567. plump
    pleasantly fat; nicely rounded
  568. cabal
    small group of persons secretly united to promote their own interests
  569. cache
    hiding place; V.
  570. cacophonous
    discordant; inharmonious; N. cacophony: unpleasant mixture of loud sounds
  571. cadaver
    corpse; dead human body
  572. cadaverous
    like a corpse; pale
  573. cadence
    rhythmic rise and fall (of words or sounds); beat; regular beat of sound; rhythm
  574. cajole
    persuade by praise or false promise; coax; wheedle
  575. coax
    persuade by flattery
  576. calamity
    disaster; misery
  577. calculated
    deliberately planned; likely
  578. caldron(cauldron)
    large kettle
  579. caliber
    ability; quality; diameter of the inside of a round cylinder; Ex. work of very high caliber
  580. calligraphy
    beautiful writing; excellent penmanship
  581. callous
    hardened; unfeeling; without sympathy for the sufferings of others; unkind
  582. callus
    area of thick hard skin
  583. callow
    youthful; immature; inexperienced
  584. calorific
    heat-producing; N. calorie
  585. calumny
    malicious misrepresentation; slander
  586. camaraderie
    good-fellowship; CF. comrade
  587. cameo
    shell or jewel carved in relief; star's special appearance in a minor role in a film
  588. canard
    unfounded false rumor; exaggerated false report
  589. candor
    frankness; open honesty; ADJ. candid
  590. canine
    related to dogs; doglike
  591. canker
    any ulcerous sore; ulcer; any evil; CF. cancer
  592. ulcer
    sore place appearing on the skin inside or outside the body; Ex. stomach ulcer; ADJ. ulcerous; V. ulcerate
  593. canny
    shrewd in money matters; thrifty
  594. cant
    insincere speech or expression of piety; jargon of thieves; special words used by a particular group of people
  595. cantankerous
    ill-humored; irritable
  596. cantata
    story set to music to be sung by a chorus (shorter than an oratorio)
  597. canter
    slow gallop; V. CF. trot
  598. canto
    division of a long poem
  599. canvass
    determine or seek opinions, votes, etc.; go through (a region) to solicit votes or orders; conduct a survey; N.
  600. capacious
  601. capacity
    mental or physical ability; role; position or duty; ability to accommodate; Ex. in my capacity as president
  602. capillary
    having a very fine bore; resembling a hair; fine and slender; Ex. capillary attraction; N: very fine hairlike tube; CF. capillarity
  603. capitulate
    surrender; give up all resistance
  604. caprice
    whim; sudden change of mind without any real cause
  605. capricious
    unpredictable; fickle
  606. caption
    title; chapter heading; text under illustration
  607. captious
    faultfinding; too critical
  608. carafe
    glass water bottle; decanter
  609. carapace
    shell covering the back (of a turtle, tortoise, crab, etc.)
  610. carat(karat)
    unit of weight for precious stones; measure of the purity of gold
  611. carcinogenic
    causing cancer; N. carcinogen
  612. cardinal
    chief; most important; N: priest; cardinal number: number that shows quantity rather thatn order
  613. cardiologist
    doctor specializing in ailments of the heart
  614. careen
    lurch; sway from side to side; move with irregular swinging movement; stagger
  615. career
    rush wildly; go at full speed
  616. sway
    swing from side to side; influence (someone) to change one's opinion; N.
  617. caricature
    distortion; burlesque
  618. carillon
    a set of bells (often in a tower) capable of being played
  619. carnage
    destruction of life; slaughter; killing of large numbers of people or animals
  620. carnal
    fleshly; sensual; concerning the desires of the body
  621. carnivorous
    meat-eating; N. carnivore; CF. herbivore
  622. carousal
    drunken revel; V. carouse
  623. carping
    petty criticism; fault-finding; fretful complaining; quibble
  624. carrion
    rotting flesh of a dead body; CF. vulture
  625. cartographer
  626. cascade
    small waterfall
  627. caste
    one of the hereditary classes in Hindu society; social stratification; prestige
  628. castigation
    punishment; severe criticism or disapproval
  629. casualty
    serious or fatal accident; person killed or wounded in an accident or battle
  630. casual
    happening by chance; irregular; occasional; informal; showing or feeling little interest; Ex. casual reader/labor/remark
  631. cataclysm
    deluge; upheaval; earthquake; violent and sudden event or change
  632. catalyst
    agent which brings about a chemical change while it remains unaffected and unchanged; CF. catalysis
  633. catapult
    slingshot; hurling machine; V: fire from catapult
  634. hurl
    throw forcefully; shout out violently
  635. cataract
    great waterfall; eye abnormality (causing a gradual loss of eyesight)
  636. catastrophe
    calamity ; disaster
  637. catcall
    shout of disapproval or displeasure (made at the theater or a sports match); boo; V.
  638. catechism
    book for religious instruction in question-and-answer form; religious instruction by question and answer; V. catechize
  639. categorical
    without exceptions; made without any doubt in mind; unqualified; absolute
  640. qualify
    reach a necessary standard; limit the meaning of something stated
  641. catharsis
    purging or cleansing of any passage of the body; purging and weakening of strong emotions as a result of experiencing a dramatic work of art
  642. cathartic
    purgative; medicine that causes the bowels to empty; ADJ.
  643. catholic
    (of likings and interests) universal; general; broad; including many different parts; wide-ranging liberal; Ex. catholic opinions/tastes
  644. caucus
    private meeting of a group of people in a political party to select officers or determine policy; CF. the Caucus club of Boston
  645. caulk(calk)
    make watertight (by blocking up cracks as in a ship)
  646. causal
    implying a cause-and-effect relationship; N. causality
  647. caustic
    burning; corrosive; able to burn by chemical action; sarcastically biting; (of remarks) intended to hurt; bitter; harmful; OP. harmless
  648. cauterize
    burn (a wound or snakebite, etc.) with hot iron or caustic substance to stop bleeding and prevent infection
  649. cavalcade
    procession of riders or horse-drawn carriages; parade; CF. cavalry
  650. cavalier
    casual and offhand; arrogant; N: knight
  651. cavil
    quibble; make frivolous objections; find fault unnecessarily
  652. cede
    yield (title or territory) to (esp. after losing a war); surrender formally; N. cession
  653. celerity
    speed; rapidity
  654. celestial
  655. hereafter
    life after death
  656. afterlife
    life after death; later part of one's life
  657. celibate
    abstaining from sexual intercourse; unmarried; N. celibacy
  658. censor
    (in ancient Rome) overseer of morals (also taking the census); person who eliminates inappropriate matter; V.
  659. censorious
    severely critical
  660. censure
    blame; criticize; express strong disapproval; N: severe criticism; strong disapproval
  661. centaur
    mythical figure, half man and half horse
  662. centigrade
    denoting a widely used temperature scale (basically same as Celsius)
  663. centrifugal
    radiating; departing from the center
  664. centrifuge
    machine that separates substances by whirling them
  665. centripetal
    tending toward the center
  666. centurion
    Roman army officer (commanding a company of about 100 soldiers)
  667. cerebral
    pertaining to the brain or intellect; intellectual rather than emotional; CF. cerebrum
  668. cerebration
    thought; working of the brain
  669. ceremonious
    marked by formality; extremely formal and polite; CF. ceremony: conventional social courtesy
  670. unceremonious
    not done politely without due formalities
  671. certitude
  672. cessation
  673. cession
    yielding to another; ceding
  674. chafe
    warm by rubbing; make sore by rubbing; N.
  675. chaff
    worthless products of an endeavor; husk(outer seed cover) separated from grain; Ex. separate the wheat from the chaff
  676. chaffing
    bantering; joking
  677. chagrin
    annoyance and disappointment; vexation (caused by humiliation or injured pride)
  678. chalice
    goblet; consecrated cup
  679. chameleon
    lizard that changes color in different situations
  680. champion
    support militantly; fight for; N: person who fights for or supports strongly (a principle, movement, person, etc.)
  681. championship
    position of champion; defense or support; competition held to determine a champion
  682. chaotic
    in utter disorder
  683. charisma
    divine gift; great popular charm or appeal; magnetism
  684. charlatan
    quack; pretender to knowledge (esp. in medicine)
  685. chary
    cautious; unwilling to take risks; sparing or restrained about giving; OP. bold
  686. chase
    ornament a metal surface by indenting; follow rapidly to catch
  687. chasm
    abyss; very deep crack
  688. chassis
    framework and working parts of an automobile; framework to which components are attached
  689. chaste
    morally pure; virginal; abstaining from illicit sexual acts; modest; simple (of a style of writing); not highly decorated; austere
  690. chasten
    discipline; punish in order to correct; CF. castigate
  691. chastise
    punish as by beating; criticize severely
  692. chauvinist
    blindly devoted patriot; zealous adherent of a group, cause, or sex; ADJ. chauvinistic; CF. chauvinism; Nicolas Chauvin
  693. check
    stop motion; curb or restrain
  694. checkered(chequered)
    marked by great changes in fortune; with many changes of fortuene; CF. checked: having a pattern of squares
  695. cherubic
    angelic; innocent-looking; N. cherub; CF. seraph: winged angel of the highest order
  696. chicanery
    trickery; deception
  697. chide
    scold; rebuke (someone who has done wrong)
  698. chimerical
    fantastically improbable; highly unrealistic; N. chimera: unreal fancy; fire-breathing female creature
  699. chisel
    swindle or cheat; N: wedgelike tool for cutting
  700. chip
    lose a small piece from the surface or edge; N: small piece broken off something; CF. French fry; Potato chip/crisp
  701. chivalrous
    courteous; faithful; brave; N. chivalry
  702. choleric
    hot-tempered; bad-tempered; irritable; easily angered; CF. cholera
  703. choreography
    art of representing dances in written symbols; arrangement of dances
  704. chore
    daily domestic task (such as cleaning, cooking, and shopping); unpleasant task
  705. chortle
    chuckle with delight; N.
  706. chuckle
    laugh quietly
  707. chronic
    long established as a disease
  708. chronicle
    report; record (in chronological order)
  709. churlish
    boorish; rude; N. churl: boor; yahoo
  710. ciliated
    having minute hairs; CF. cilium; CF. cilia: eyelash
  711. cipher
    nonentity; worthless person or thing; zero; secret code; V.
  712. circlet
    small ring; band of gold, silver, jewel, etc. (worn on the head, arms, or neck as decoration)
  713. circuitous
  714. circuit
    closed circular line around an area; circumference; regularly repeated journey from place to place
  715. circumlocution
    indirect or roundabout expression (by using an uncecessarily large number of words esp. when trying to avoid answering a difficult question directly)
  716. circumscribe
    limit; confine; draw a line around
  717. circumspect
    prudent; cautious; acting after careful thought
  718. circumvent
    outwit; defeat by behaving more cleverly; outsmart; baffle; avoid; get around
  719. cistern
    reservoir or water tank
  720. citadel
  721. cite
    quote; commend; Ex. cited for bravery in an official record
  722. civil
    having to do with citizens; not military or religious; courteous and polite; Ex. married in a civil ceremony; Ex. civil strife/disorder/law; N. civility; CF. civic
  723. clairvoyant
    having foresight; fortuneteller; N. clairvoyance
  724. hindsight
    understanding the nature of an event after it has actually happened
  725. clamber
    climb by crawling with difficulties; scramble
  726. clamor
    loud continous noise; continuous demand or complaint made by a large number of people; V: make a clamor; express (a demand) continually and loudly; ADJ. clamorous
  727. clandestine
  728. chaperon
    older person who accompanies and supervises a young unmarried woman
  729. clangor
    loud resounding noise; sound of repeated clanging
  730. clapper
    striker (tongue) of a bell
  731. clap
    strike the palms of the hands together with a sudden explosive sound; come together suddenly with a sharp sound; put or send promptly; Ex. clap the thief in jail; N: clapping; loud or explosive sound; CF. applause
  732. clarion
    shrill, trumpetlike sound; kind of trumpet used in former times
  733. claustrophobia
    fear of being locked in
  734. clavicle
  735. scrimmage
    disorderly fight between two or more people
  736. cleave
    split or sever; cling to; remain faithful to; N. cleavage; ADJ. cloven
  737. cleft
    N: split
  738. clemency
    disposition to be lenient in deciding punishments; mildness as of the weather; ADJ. clement
  739. clich'e
    phrase dulled in meaning by repetition; platitude; ADJ. clich'ed
  740. bromide
    platitude; chemical compound used to calm excitement
  741. clientele
    body of customers
  742. climactic
    relating to the highest point; N. climax; CF. climatic
  743. clime
  744. clique
    small exclusive group of people
  745. cloister
    monastery or convent
  746. clout
    great influence (especially political or social); hard blow with fist
  747. cloying
    distasteful (because excessive); excessively sweet or sentimental; V. cloy: become unpleasant through too much sweetness or excess
  748. coagulate
    congeal; thicken; clot; N. coagulant
  749. clot
    half-solid lump formed from a liquid (or blood); V.
  750. pudding
    hot sweet dish
  751. coalesce
    combine; fuse; N. coalescence
  752. coalition
    partnership; league; union of separate political parties
  753. coda
    concluding section of a musical or literary composition
  754. coddle
    treat gently; indulge excessively; pamper; mollycoddle; baby; cook in water just below boiling point; Ex. coddled eggs
  755. codicil
    supplement to the body of a will; later addition to a will
  756. codify
    arrange (laws or rules) as a code; classify; N. code: system of words used instead of ordinary writing; collection of laws, rules, established social customs
  757. coercion
    use of force to get someone to object; compelling; V. coerce
  758. coeval
    living at the same time as; existing during the same period of time; contemporary; of the same age
  759. cog
    tooth projecting from a wheel
  760. cogent
  761. cogitate
    think over; ponder
  762. cognate
    having a common origin; related linguistically; allied by blood; similar or akin in nature; Ex. cognate languages; N.
  763. cognitive
    having to do with knowing or perceiving related to the mental processes; N. cognition: the mental process of knowing
  764. cognizance
    knowledge; ADJ. cognizant; having knowledge; aware
  765. cohabit
    live together
  766. cohere
    stick together
  767. cohesion
    tendency to keep together
  768. cohorts
    group of people who share some common quality; armed band; a group of between 300 and 600 soldiers under one commander (in the ancient Rome)
  769. coiffure
  770. coin
    make coins; invent or fabricate (a word or phrase); N. coinage: word or phrase recently invented
  771. coincidence
    the chance occurrence, at the same time, of two or more seemingly connected events; V. coincide: happen at the same time; be in agreement; CF. coincident; CF. coincidental
  772. colander
    utensil with perforated bottom used for straining
  773. collaborate
    work together; cooperate treasonably with the enemy
  774. collage
    work of art put together from fragments
  775. scrap
    small bit or fragment; discarded waste material; fight; Ex. a scrap of paper/cloth; V: break into parts for disposal; discard as worthless; fight; quarrel
  776. collate
    examine and compare in order to verify authenticity; arrange in order (the sheets of a book before they are bound)
  777. collateral
    security given for loan; ADJ: secondary; descended from the same person but through different sons or daughters
  778. collation
    a light meal; collating
  779. colloquial
    pertaining to conversational or common speech; informal; N. colloquialism: colloquial expression
  780. colloquy
    informal discussion; conversation
  781. collusion
    conspiring in a fraudulent scheme to cheat or deceive others; V. collude
  782. colossal
  783. colossus
    gigantic statue; person or thing of great size or importance
  784. comatose
    in a coma; extremely sleepy
  785. coma
    deep prolonged unconsciousness caused by disease, poison, or a severe blow
  786. combustible
    easily burned; N. CF. combustion
  787. comely
    attractive; agreeable; having a pleasing appearance
  788. comestible
    something fit to be eaten
  789. comeuppance
    deserts; well-deserved punishment or misfortune; rebuke
  790. deserts
    what someone deserves
  791. comity
    courtesy; civility; Ex. comity of nations
  792. commandeer
    take (private property) for military use without needing permission or giving payment; draft for military purposes
  793. draft
    first rough form; conscription; draught; V: make a draft of; conscript
  794. draught
    current of air (through a room or to a fire); act of pulling roads; act of swallowing liquid or amount of liquid swallowed at a time
  795. commemorative
    remembering; honoring the memory of; Ex. commemorative stamp
  796. commemorate
    honor the memory of; serve as a memorial to; Ex. commemorate the 100th anniversary/those who died in the war
  797. commensurate
    equal in extent; of the same size
  798. commiserate
    feel or express pity or sympathy for
  799. commodious
    spacious and comfortable
  800. communal
    held in common; public; of a group of people; of a commune
  801. commune
    small (often rural) community whose members share work and income; V: exchange thoughts or feelings; Ex. commune with nature
  802. compact
    agreement; contract; ADJ: tightly packed; firm; brief; concise; Ex. compact statement
  803. compatible
    harmonious; in harmony with; able to exist together
  804. compelling
    overpowering; irresistible in effect; holding one's attention; that compels one to do something; Ex. a compelling adventure story; V. compel
  805. compulsion
    compelling; strong desire that is difficult to control; irresistible impulse
  806. compulsory
    obligatory; that must be done
  807. compulsive
    resulting from compulsion
  808. compendium
    brief, comprehensive summary; ADJ. compendious
  809. compensatory
    making up for; repaying
  810. compilation
    listing of information in tabular or book form; compiling
  811. compile
    assemble; gather; accumulate; make (a report or a book) from facts and information found in various places; Ex. compile a dictionary
  812. complacency
    self-satisfaction; smugness; ADJ. complacent
  813. smug
    self-satisfied; complacent
  814. complaisant
    trying to please; obliging; willing to please others
  815. complement
    complete; consummate; make perfect; N.
  816. complementary
    serving to complete something
  817. compliance
    conformity in fulfilling requirements; readiness to yield; disposition to yield to others; V. comply
  818. compliant
    readily acting in accordance with a rule, order, or the wishes or others; yielding; comforming to requirements
  819. complicity
    participation; involvement (in a questionable act or a crime)
  820. component
    element; ingredient
  821. comport
    bear one's self; behave; Ex. comport oneself; N. comportment
  822. deport
    send out of the country; behave; N. deportation, deportment
  823. bearing
    deportment; connection
  824. composure
    mental calmness
  825. compound
    combine; produce by combining; increase; make worse by adding to or increasing; exacerbate; Ex. compound an error; ADJ: consisting of two or more parts; N: combination of two or more parts; area enclosed by a wall containing a group of buildings; Ex. factory compound; CF. complex
  826. comprehensive
    broad; including a lot or everything; thorough; inclusive
  827. compress
    force into less space; squeeze; contract; put into fewer words; N: thick mass of cloth pressed to part of the body to stop bleeding or swelling, reduce fever, etc.
  828. comprise
    include; consist of
  829. compromise
    adjust or settle by making mutual concessions; endanger the interests or reputation of; put into danger, disrepute, or a dishonorable position; Ex. compromise one's principle; N.
  830. compunction
    remorse; strong uneasiness caused by guilt
  831. compute
    reckon; calculate
  832. reckon
    count; calculate; regard as; think; suppose
  833. concatenate
    link as in a chain
  834. concave
    hollow; curved inwards; OP. convex
  835. concede
    admit; acknowledge as being true (often reluctantly); yield; grant; Ex. concede a goal
  836. conceit
    vanity or self-love; too high opinion of one's own value; extravagant metaphor (in poetry)
  837. vain
    full of self-admiration; conceited; without result; unsuccessful; N. vanity
  838. concentric
    having a common center
  839. conception
    beginning; forming of an idea; fertilization; V. conceive: form an idea in the mind; devise; become pregnant; CF. inception
  840. concerted
    mutually agreed on; done together by agreement; Ex. concerted effort; CF. in concert: working together
  841. concession
    an act of yielding; conceding; something conceded; point, right, etc. given unwillingly; privilege of maintaining a business in a certain place; Ex. oil concessions in the North sea; CF. concessionaire
  842. conciliatory
    reconciling; soothing; V. conciliate: reconcile; soothe; win the friendly feelings (by removing anger)
  843. concise
    brief and compact
  844. conclave
    private secret meeting
  845. conclusive
    decisive; ending all debate
  846. concoct
    prepare by mixing or combining; make up in concert; devise (something false) so as to deceive; Ex. concoct an elaborate excuse for being late; N. concoction
  847. concomitant
    that which accompanies; Ex. Deafnes is a frequent concommitant of old age; ADJ: existing or happening together with something else
  848. concord
    harmony; accord
  849. concordat
    formal agreement
  850. concur
    agree; coincide; happen at the same time
  851. concurrent
    happening at the same time; in agreement
  852. condescend
    (derog.) bestow courtesies with a superior air; descend to the level of one considered inferior
  853. condign
    adequate; (of punishment) severe and well deserved
  854. condiments
    seasonings; spices
  855. condole
    express condolences; N. condolence: sympathy for someone who has experienced great sorrow
  856. condone
    overlook; forgive; give tacit approval; excuse
  857. conducive
    helpful; contributive; V. conduce; Ex. conduce to/towards
  858. conduit
    aqueduct; passageway for fluids
  859. confidant(confidante)
    trusted friend (to whom one tells one's secret)
  860. confide
    tell in confidence (to a person one trusts); be confident about
  861. confidence
    self-assurance; calm unworried feeling based on a strong belief in one's abilities; strong belief in the ability of a person or plan; trust or faith in a person or thing; something confided; secret; Ex. confidence in your ability; Ex. I'm telling you this in confidence; Ex. exchange confidences about their boyfriends; ADJ. confident
  862. confidential
    spoken or written in secret; trusted with private matters; Ex. confidential secretary
  863. confine
    shut in an enclosed space; restrict; keep within limits; N. confinement
  864. confiscate
    seize; take possession of (private property) by official order (usu. as a punishment); commandeer
  865. conflagration
    great fire
  866. confluence
    flowing together; the place where two rivers flow together; crowd; gathering together
  867. conformity
    harmony; agreement with established rules or customs; similarity; Ex. behave in conformity with; V. conform: be similar; act in agreement; comply; Ex. conform to the rule; CF. conformance
  868. confound
    confuse; puzzle
  869. congeal
    freeze; coagulate
  870. congenial
    pleasant; friendly; in agreement with one's tastes and nature; Ex. congenial weather
  871. congenital
    existing at birth
  872. conglomeration
    mass of material sticking together
  873. conglomerate
    corporation made up of several different companies in diversified fields; mass of various material gathered together; rock consisting of small stones held together by clay; V.
  874. congruence
    correspondence of parts; harmonious relationship; CF. congruity
  875. congruent
    in agreement; harmonious; corresponding; coinciding exactly; CF. congruous
  876. conifer
    pine tree (usu. evergreen); cone-bearing tree; ADJ. coniferous; CF. deciduous; CF. evergreen
  877. conjecture
    surmise; guess; V.
  878. conjugal
    pertaining to marriage
  879. conjure
    cause to appear by magic; summon (a devil or a spirit) by magical power; practice magic (esp. by very quick movement of the hands); evoke; conjure up: bring into the mind; Ex. The magician conjured a rabbit out of his hat.
  880. connivance
    pretense of ignorance of something wrong; assistance; permission to offend; V. connive: feign ignorance (of a wrong); cooperate secretly in an illegal action; conspire
  881. connoisseur
    person competent to act as a judge of art, etc. (whose judgments are respected); a lover of an art
  882. connotation
    suggested or implied meaning of an expression; V. connote
  883. connubial
    pertaining to marriage or the matrimonial state
  884. matrimony
    state of being married
  885. patrimony
    property inherited from a father
  886. consanguinity
    kinship; relationship by birth
  887. consanguineous(consanguine)
    having a common ancestor
  888. conscientious
    scrupulous; through and careful; Ex. conscientious worker
  889. conscript
    draftee; person forced into military service; V.
  890. consecrate
    dedicate; sanctify; declare as sacred; Ex. consecrate one's life to helping the poor
  891. consensus
    general agreement; opinion reached by a group
  892. consequential
    self-important; significant; consequent; following as a result; Ex. consequential air; CF. subsequent
  893. conservatory(conservatoire)
    school of the fine arts (especially music or drama); glass-enclosed area; CF. conservancy
  894. consign
    send to a person or place for sale; deliver officially; entrust; put into the care of another; set apart (for a special purpose); N. consignment; CF. consignor, consignee
  895. consistency
    absence of contradictions; uniformity; degree of thickness or firmness; Ex. consistency of thick cream; CF. viscous
  896. console
    lessen sadness or disappointment; give comfort; allay the sorrow of; N. consolation
  897. consolidation
    unification; process of becoming firmer or stronger; V. consolidate: merge; strengthen
  898. consonance
    harmony; agreement
  899. consonant
    harmonious; in agreement; N.
  900. consort
    associate with; keep company; N: husband or wife (or a ruler)
  901. conspiracy
    treacherous plot; secret plan against the law (by two or more people)
  902. conspire
    take part in a conspiracy; (of events) work together; combine; Ex. Events conspired to produce great difficulties.
  903. consternation
    great shock; dismay
  904. constituent
    supporter; voter; member of a constituency; component
  905. constituency
    voters represented by an elected official; district so represented; group of supporters (or constituents)
  906. constitution
    constituting; system of laws; composition of something; physical makeup or structure of a person; Ex. men with strong constitutions
  907. constraint
    restraint; compulsion; repression of feelings; reticence; V. constrain: hold back; restrain; compel; oblige; confine forcibly; imprison
  908. construe
    explain; interpret; Ex. construe her silence as meaning that she agreed; CF. misconstrue
  909. consummate
    complete; V.
  910. contagion
    infection (by contact); ADJ. contagious; CF. infectious: that can be passed by infection in the air
  911. drastic
    strong; violent and severe; Ex. drastic changes/measures
  912. contaminate
  913. contempt
    scorn; disdain; ADJ. contemptuous; CF. contemptible
  914. contend
    struggle; compete; assert earnestly; state strongly
  915. contention
    assertion; claim; thesis; struggling; competition
  916. thesis
    opinion put forward and supported by reasoned arguments
  917. boost
    lift by pushing up from below; increase; raise; N: push upward; increase
  918. contentious
    quarrelsome; controversial; likely to cause arguments
  919. contest
    dispute; argue about the rightness of; compete for; try to win; Ex. contest the election results; Ex. contest a seat in Parliament; N.
  920. context
    writings preceding and following the passage quoted; circumstance in which an event occurs
  921. contiguous
    adjacent to; touching upon
  922. continence
    self-restraint; sexual chastity; sexual abstinence; voluntary control over bladder and bowel functions; ADJ. continent
  923. contingent
    dependent on something uncertain or in the future; conditional; happening by chance; accidental; N: a group of soldiers, ships to a larger force; CF. contingency: future event that may or may not occur; possibility; Ex. prepare for every contingency
  924. contortions
    twistings; distortions; V. contort: twist violently out of shape; CF. contortionist
  925. contraband
    illegal trade; smuggling; smuggled goods; ADJ.
  926. contravene
    contradict; oppose; violate (a rule, law, or custom); N. contravention
  927. contrite
    penitent; repentant; N. contrition
  928. contrived
    unnatural and forced; artificial; not spontaneous; Ex. The ending was rather contrived.
  929. contrive
    invent or fabricate in a clever way (by improvisation); manage; Ex. contrive to attract his attention
  930. contrivance
    something contrived; machine or apparatus; clever deceitful plan; scheme
  931. controvert
    oppose with arguments; attempt to refute; contradict; ADJ. controversial; N. controversy
  932. contumacious
    stubborn and disobedient; resisting authority (esp. disobedient to an order made by a court)
  933. contusion
  934. bruise
    injure without breaking the skin; N.
  935. conundrum
    riddle; difficult problem
  936. convene
    come together; assemble; call to meet; Ex. convene the council
  937. convention
    social or moral custom; established practice; formal meeting; international agreement
  938. conventional
    ordinary; typical; not nuclear; Ex. conventional weapons
  939. converge
    approach; tend to meet; come together
  940. conversant
    familiar with; having knowledge of
  941. converse
    opposite; ADJ.
  942. convert
    one who has adopted a different religion or opinion; V: change into another form; (persuade to) adopt a particular religion or belief
  943. convex
    curving outward
  944. conveyance
    vehicle; transfer; act of conveying; Ex. public conveyance
  945. conviction
    judgment that someone is guilty of a crime; strongly held belief
  946. convivial
    pleasantly merry; festive; joyous; gay; characterized by joviality; jovial
  947. convoke
    call together; Ex. convoke Parliament; N. convocation
  948. convoluted
    coiled around; twisted; involved; complicated; intricate; complex; N. convolution: twist; one of the convex folds of the surface of the brain
  949. convulsion
    violent uncontrollable shaking movement (caused by illness); V. convulse; ADJ. convulsive
  950. copious
  951. coquette
    flirt; flirtatious woman; woman who tries to attract the admiration of men without sincere feelings; V.
  952. flirt
    behave in a way that attracts (sexual) attention; deal triflingly with; N: one (or woman) given to flirting; ADJ. flirtatious
  953. cordial
    warmly friendly; gracious; heartfelt; Ex. cordial welcome
  954. cordon
    extended line of men or fortifications to prevent access or egress; (¾î±ú¿¡¼­ °Üµå¶û ¹ØÀ¸·Î °ÉÄ¡´Â) Àå½Ä ¸®º»; V.
  955. cornice
    projecting molding on building (usually above columns or pillars); ó¸¶ Àå½Ä
  956. cornucopia
    horn (or horn-shaped container) overflowing with fruit and grain; symbol of abundance; horn of plenty
  957. corollary
    natural consequence (which naturally follows from something else)
  958. corporeal
    bodily (rather than spiritual); of a bodily form; material; tangible
  959. corpulent
    very fat; N. corpulence
  960. corpus
    collection (of writings or information); Ex. the corpus of Shakespear's works; Cf. corpse
  961. corpuscle
    red or white cell in the blood
  962. correlation
    mutual relationship
  963. correlate
    either of the correlated things; V.
  964. corroborate
    confirm; support; strengthen
  965. corrode
    destroy or wear away gradually by chemical action (over a long period)
  966. corrosive
    eating away by chemicals or disease; (of language) fierce
  967. corrugated
    wrinkled; ridged
  968. wrinkle
    small ridge on a smooth surface (face or cloth); V.
  969. crinkle
  970. cosmic
    pertaining to the universe; vast
  971. coterie
    group that meets socially; select circle; close group of people with shared interests
  972. countenance
    approve; support; tolerate; Ex. countenance his rude behavior; N: face; appearance
  973. countermand
    cancel; revoke (an order)
  974. counterpart
    thing that completes another; things very much alike; thing that has the same purpose in a different system
  975. coup
    highly successful action or sudden attack; coup(s) d''etat; CF. coup de gr^ace: deathblow or shot which kills
  976. couple
    join; unite; OP. uncouple
  977. courier
  978. covenant
    binding agreement between two groups or people; compact; V: enter into a covenant; promise
  979. bargain
    agreement between two groups or people; something for sale at a price advantageous to the buyer; V: negotiate; trade; Ex. bargaining power
  980. covert
    secret; hidden; implied; OP. overt
  981. covetous
    avaricious; desirous of (someone else's possessions); V. covet: desire eagerly (someone else's possessions)
  982. cow
    terrorize; intimidate
  983. cower
    shrink quivering as from fear; cringe
  984. coy
    shy (flirtatiously); showing a (pretended) lack of self-confidence; modest; coquettish; CF. job offer¸¦ ¹Þ¾Ã'À» ¶§
  985. cozen
    cheat; hoodwink; swindle
  986. crabbed
    sour; bad-tempered; peevish; difficult to read as handwriting
  987. peevish
    bad-tempered; irritable; V. peeve: make angry
  988. crass
    very unrefined; grossly insensible; crude and undiscriminating; Ex. crass behavior
  989. craven
  990. credence
  991. credo
  992. credulity
    belief on slight evidence; gullibility; naivet'e; ADJ. credulous
  993. creed
    system of religious or ethical belief
  994. crescendo
    increase in the volume or intensity as in a musical passage; climax; CF. crescent
  995. far-fetched
    too improbable to be believed; implausible; Ex. far-fetched story
  996. overture
    musical introduction to a long musical piece; first offer or proposal (to begin talks in the hope of reaching an agreement); Ex. overtures for peace
  997. crestfallen
    dejected; dispirited
  998. crest
    top (as of a hill or wave); showy feathers on the head of a bird
  999. crevice
    crack; fissure
  1000. cringe
    shrink back as if in fear; cower
  1001. criteria
    standards used in judging; CF. criterion
  1002. crone
    hag; ugly old woman
  1003. crotchety
    (of someone old) eccentric; odd; whimsical; bad-tempered; N. crotchet: odd or whimsical notion
  1004. crux
    essential or main point; Ex. the crux of the problem; ADJ. crucial: of deciding importance
  1005. crypt
    secret recess or vault usually used for burial; underground room (under a church)
  1006. cryptic
    mysterious; hidden; secret
  1007. cubicle
    small chamber used for sleeping or work
  1008. compartment
    one of the parts into which an enclosed space is divided
  1009. cuisine
    style of cooking; Ex. French cuisine
  1010. culinary
    relating to cooking or kitchen
  1011. cull
    pick out from others (to kill the weakest members); reject; select; collect (information); N.
  1012. culmination
    highest point; climax; V. culminate in: reach the highest point in; end in; Ex. a series of minor clashes culminating in war
  1013. culpable
    deserving blame; blameworthy
  1014. culprit
    one guilty of a crime
  1015. culvert
    artificial channel for water; drain crossing under a road
  1016. cumbersome
    heavy and awkward to carry or wear; burdensome; Ex. cumbersome parcel/uniform
  1017. cumulative
    growing by addition; accumulative
  1018. cupidity
    greed (for wealth); CF. cupid; CF. Cupid
  1019. curator
    superintendent; manager (in charge of a museum or a library)
  1020. curmudgeon
    churlish, miserly individual; bad-tempered old person
  1021. cursive
    (of writing) flowing; running; having the successive letters joined
  1022. cursory
    casual; hastily done with little attention to detail
  1023. curtail
    shorten; reduce
  1024. cynical
    skeptical or distrustful of human motives; N. cynicism; CF. cynic: person who believes all people are motivated by selfishness
  1025. cynosure
    object of general attention; person or thing that is a center of attention; CF. Ursa Minor
  1026. dabble
    work at in a nonserious fashion; splash around; move noisily in a liquid
  1027. dais
    raised platform for speakers or other important people
  1028. dally
    trifle with; toy with; treat without the necessary seriousness; procrastinate; waste time
  1029. dank
    damp; unpleasantly wet
  1030. dapper
    neat and trim (in appearance); (of small men) neat in appearance and quick in movements; neat; spry
  1031. dappled
  1032. daub
    smear (as with paint); cover with something sticky; Ex. daub one's clothes with mud/paint; N: small bit of sticky substance; Ex. a daub of paint
  1033. smear
    spread or cover with a sticky substance; N: mark made by smearing
  1034. smudge
    dirty mark with unclear edges made by rubbing; V.
  1035. daunt
    intimidate; frighten; discourage; dishearten
  1036. dauntless
    bold; fearless
  1037. dawdle
    loiter; hang around; waste time doing nothing
  1038. deadlock
    standstill resulting from the opposition of two unrelenting forces; stalemate
  1039. standstill
    condition of no movement or activity; stop
  1040. deadpan
    wooden; impassive; with no show of feeling; with an expressionless face
  1041. dearth
  1042. d'eb^acle
    sudden disastrous downfall or defeat; complete disaster
  1043. debase
    degrade; reduce in quality or value; degenerate; lower in esteem; disgrace; N. debasement
  1044. kneel
    go down on one's knee(s)
  1045. debauch
    corrupt morally; seduce from virtue; N. debauchery: wild behavior (with sex and alcohol)
  1046. seduce
    lead away from proper conduct; entice; ADJ. seductive
  1047. debilitate
    weaken (esp. through heat, hunger, illness); enfeeble
  1048. bout
    match; short period of great activity; Ex. wrestling bout; bout of drinking/flu
  1049. debonair
    (of men) friendly, charming, and fashionably dressed; aiming to please; CF. of good disposition
  1050. d'ebris
    rubble; wreckage; scattered remains of something broken or destroyed
  1051. debunk
    expose as false, exaggerated, worthless, etc.; ridicule
  1052. debutante
    young woman making formal entrance into society
  1053. debut
    d'ebut; first public appearance; formal presentation of a young woman to society
  1054. decadence
    decay; fall to a lower level (of morality, civilization, or art); ADJ. decadent
  1055. decant
    pour off gently (wine or liquid)
  1056. decapitate
  1057. decelerate
    slow down
  1058. deciduous
    falling off at a specific season or stage of growth as of leaves; Ex. deciduous tree/teeth
  1059. decimate
    kill (usually one out of ten or every tenth man); destroy or kill a large part of
  1060. decipher
    decode; CF. indecipherable
  1061. declivity
    downward slope
  1062. d'ecollet'e
    (of a dress) having a low-cut neckline; CF. d'ecolletage: low neckline (on a dress)
  1063. decree
    authoritative order; edict; judgment of a court of law; V: order or judge by decree
  1064. decomposition
    decay; V. decompose: decay; break and separate into simple parts
  1065. decorum
    propriety; orderliness and good taste in manners; appropriateness of behavior or conduct
  1066. decorous
    proper (in behavior, conduct, or appearance)
  1067. decoy
    lure or bait; V.
  1068. decrepitude
    state of collapse or weakness caused by illness or old age
  1069. decrepit
    weak and in bad condition from old age or hard use; Ex. decrepit old chair/man
  1070. decry
    express strong disapproval of; condemn openly (something dangerous to the public); disparage; Ex. decry the violence of modern films
  1071. deducible
    derived by reasoning; V. deduce: infer; derive by reasoning
  1072. deface
    mar; disfigure
  1073. mar
    spoil the appearance of
  1074. defame
    harm someone's reputation; malign; speak evil of; slander; N. defamation; ADJ. defamatory
  1075. default
    failure to act; failure to perform a task or be present; V.
  1076. defeatist
    resigned to defeat or failure; accepting defeat or failure as a natural outcome; N. CF. defeatism
  1077. defection
  1078. defect
    shortcoming; V: desert (in order to join the opposite one)
  1079. defer
    give in respectfully; submit; delay till later; exempt temporarily; N. deferment; CF. show respect, comply with, courteous
  1080. deference
    courteous regard for another's wish; courteous yielding to another's wish or opinion (showing respect); ADJ. deferential; OP. effrontery
  1081. defiance
    refusal to yield; resistance; V. defy; ADJ. defiant
  1082. defile
    pollute; make filthy or dirty; corrupt morally; profane; desecrate; N: narrow passage or gorge through mountains
  1083. definitive
    most reliable; authorative and complete; that cannot be improved; conclusive; decisive; definite; Ex. definitive decision by the supreme court
  1084. deflect
    turn aside; turn away from a straight course
  1085. defoliate
    destroy leaves; deprive of leaves (by the use of chemicals); N. defoliant
  1086. defray
    provide for the payment of; undertake the payment of; pay
  1087. defrock
    strip a priest or minister of church authority; unfrock
  1088. frock
    long loose garment (worn by monks)
  1089. deft
    neat; skillful
  1090. defunct
    dead; no longer in use or existence
  1091. degenerate
    become worse in quality; deteriorate; ADJ: having become worse; Ex. a degenerate species; N: depraved or corrupt person
  1092. degradation
    humiliation; debasement; degeneration; V. degrade: debase; disgrace; degenerate; reduce (something) in worth; demote (someone); reduce in rank
  1093. dishonor
    disgrace; N. ADJ. dishonorable
  1094. dehydrate
    remove water from; dry out
  1095. deify
    turn into a god; make a god of; idolize; Ex. Kings were deified; CF. deity
  1096. deign
    condescend; stoop
  1097. stoop
    bend forward and down; lower or debase oneself; fall to a lower standard of behavior by doing something; condescend; Ex. stoop to lying
  1098. delete
    erase; strike out
  1099. deleterious
  1100. deliberate
    consider; ponder; ADJ: done on purpose; slow
  1101. delineate
    portray; depict; sketch; describe; N. delineation
  1102. delirium
    mental disorder marked by confusion; uncontrolled excitement; ADJ. delirious
  1103. delta
    flat plain of mud or sand between branches of a river
  1104. delude
  1105. deluge
    flood; rush; V.
  1106. delusion
    false belief; hallucination; deluding; Ex. delusions of grandeur; Ex. under the delusion that
  1107. delusive
    deceptive; likely to delude; misleading; raising vain hopes; Ex. delusive promises
  1108. delve
    dig; search deeply; investigate
  1109. demagogue
    person who appeals to people's prejudice; false leader of people; CF. demagoguery
  1110. demean
    disgrace; humiliate; debase in dignity; behave
  1111. demeanor
    behavior; bearing
  1112. demented
  1113. demise
  1114. demographic
    related to population balance; N. demography: statistical study of human population
  1115. demolition
    destruction; V. demolish
  1116. demoniac(demoniacal)
    fiendish; cruel; N. demon: evil supernatural being; devil
  1117. fiend
    evil spirit; devil
  1118. demotic
    of or pertaining to the people
  1119. demur
    object (because of doubts, scruples); raise an objection (showing qualms); hesitate; Ex. demur at the idea of working on Sunday
  1120. demure
    (of a woman or child) grave; quiet and serious; coy; pretending to be demure
  1121. denigrate
    blacken; defame
  1122. denizen
    (animal, person, or plant) inhabitant or resident of a particular place; regular visitor
  1123. denotation
    meaning; distinguishing by name; V. denote: indicate; refer to directly; mean; CF. connotation
  1124. d'enouement
    final outcome; final development of the plot of a play or other literary work; the end of a story when everything is explained
  1125. denounce
    condemn; criticize; N. denunciation
  1126. depict
  1127. expos'e
    public revelation of something discreditable
  1128. deplete
    reduce; exhaust
  1129. deplore
    regret; express sorrow and severe disapproval for something bad; Ex. deplore their violent behavior; ADJ. deplorable: very bad; deserving severe disapproval; Ex. deplorable living condition
  1130. deploy
    spread out (troops) in an extended though shallow battle line; distribute (persons or forces) systematically or strategically
  1131. battalion
    army unit made up of four or more companies
  1132. depose
    dethrone; remove from office; give a deposition; testify
  1133. deposition
    testimony under oath; deposing; dethroning
  1134. depravity
    extreme corruption; wickedness; V. deprave
  1135. deprecate
    express disapproval of; deplore; protest against; belittle; ADJ. deprecatory
  1136. depreciate
    lessen in value; belittle; represent as of little value
  1137. depredation
    plundering; destruction
  1138. deranged
  1139. institute
    organization for a special purpose; V: establish
  1140. institution
    instituting; (building for the) organization; established custom, practice, or relationship in a society; mental hospital; Ex. institution of marriage
  1141. institutionalize
    make into an institution; put or confine in an institution
  1142. derelict
    negligent; (of someone) neglectful of duty; (of something) deserted by an owner; abandoned; N: abandoned property; homeless or vagrant person
  1143. dereliction
    neglect of duty; abandonment
  1144. deride
    ridicule; treat with contempt; make fun of; OP. respect
  1145. derision
    ridicule; ADJ. derisive; CF. derisory
  1146. derivative
    unoriginal; obtained from another source; Ex. derivative prose style; N.
  1147. derivation
    deriving; origin or source of something; Ex. the derivation of the word
  1148. dermatologist
    one who studies the skin and its diseases
  1149. acne
    skin disease (on the face)
  1150. derogatory
    expressing a low opinion; disparaging; V. derogate: detract; disparage
  1151. descry
    catch sight of (something distant)
  1152. desecrate
    profane; violate the sanctity of
  1153. violate
    break (a law); defile; desecrate; assault sexually; Ex. violate graves
  1154. desiccate
    dry up
  1155. desolate
    (of a place) deserted; unpopulated; (of a person) lonely; forlorn; joyless
  1156. desolate
    make desolate; forsake; abandon and desert
  1157. desperado
    reckless, desperate outlaw
  1158. desperate
    having lost all hope; despairing; reckless and violent because of loss of hope or despair; undertaken as a last resort
  1159. despise
    look on with scorn; regard as worthless or distasteful; ADJ. despicable: contemptible
  1160. despoil
    plunder; sack; Ex. despoil the village
  1161. despondent
    without hope and courage; depressed; gloomy; N. despondency: loss of hope with gloom; dejection
  1162. despot
    tyrant; harsh, authoritarian ruler; CF. despotism
  1163. destitute
    extremely poor; lacking means of subsistence; utterly lacking; devoid; Ex. destitute of any experience
  1164. impoverish
    make poor; deprive of natural strength or something important; Ex. impoverished soil
  1165. desultory
    aimless; haphazard; digressing at random
  1166. detached
    emotionally removed; free from emotional involvement; calm and objective; physically separate; N. detachment; CF. attachment
  1167. detain
    keep waiting; prevent from leaving or going; N. detention
  1168. determinate
    having a fixed order of procedure; precisely defined; invariable; fixed; conclusive; final
  1169. determination
    resolve; firmness of purpose; measurement or calculation; decision
  1170. deterrent
    something that discourages or deters
  1171. detonation
  1172. detraction
    slandering; aspersion; detracting; CF. detractor
  1173. detrimental
    harmful; damaging; N. detriment
  1174. deviate
    turn away from (a principle, norm); move away from an accepted standard; swerve; depart; diverge; N. deviation; Ex. deviation of the path of light by a prism
  1175. devious
    roundabout; erratic; deviating from the straight course; not straightforward; not completely honest; Ex. devious route
  1176. devise
    think up; invent; plan; bequeath; N: bequest
  1177. devoid
    empty; lacking
  1178. devolve
    deputize; pass or be passed to others (power, work, or property); Ex. devolve on/upon/to
  1179. deputize
    work or appoint as a deputy; N. deputy: person who has the power to take charge when the leading person is away
  1180. devotee
    enthusiastic follower; enthusiast; Ex. devotee of Bach
  1181. devout
    pious; deeply religious; sincere; earnest; Ex. my devout hope
  1182. dexterous
    skillful; skill in using hands or mind; N. dexterity
  1183. diabolical
    diabolic; devilish; fiendish
  1184. diadem
  1185. dialectical
    relating to the art of debate; mutual or reciprocal; Ex. dialectical situation; N. dialectic: art of arriving at the truth by the exchange of logical arguments
  1186. diaphanous
    sheer; transparent
  1187. diatribe
    bitter scolding or denunciation; invective; abuse
  1188. dichotomy
    division into two opposite parts; split; branching into two parts (especially contradictory ones)
  1189. dictum
    authoritative and weighty statement (made by a judge in court); saying; maxim; CF. obiter dictum: incidental, nonbinding remark (something said in passing)
  1190. didactic
    (of speech or writing) intended to teach a moral lesson; teaching; instructional; N. didacticism
  1191. die
    metal block used for shaping metal or plastic; device for stamping or impressing; mold; CF. dice
  1192. diffidence
    shyness; lack of self-confidence; timidity; ADJ. diffident
  1193. diffuse
    wordy; verbose; rambling; spread out (like a gas); V: spread out in all directions; disperse; N. diffusion; CF. suffuse
  1194. digression
    wandering away from the subject; V. digress
  1195. dilapidated
    falling to pieces; in a bad condition; ruined because of neglect; Ex. dilapidated old car/castle; N. dilapidation
  1196. dilate
    expand; dilate on/upon: speak or write at length on (a subject)
  1197. dilatory
    delaying; tending to delay
  1198. dilemma
    situation that requires a choice between equally unfavorable options; problem; choice of two unsatisfactory alternatives
  1199. dilettante
    aimless follower of an art or a field of knowledge (not taking it seriously); amateur; dabbler; CF. delight
  1200. diligence
    steadiness of effort; persistent hard work
  1201. dilute
    make (a liquid) less concentrated; reduce in strength; Ex. dilute the influence of the president
  1202. diminution
    lessening; reduction in size; V. diminish
  1203. din
    continued loud noise; V: make a din; instill by wearying repetition
  1204. weary
    tired after long work; V.
  1205. dinghy
    small boat (often ship's boat)
  1206. maroon
    leave helpless on a deserted island or coast; ADJ. red brown
  1207. dingy
    (of things and place) dirty and dull; Ex. dingy street/curtain
  1208. dull
    (of colors or surfaces) not bright; cloudy; overcast; boring; (of edge or sound) not sharp; not rapid; sluggish; slow in thinking and understanding; stupid; V.
  1209. dint
    means; effort; Ex. by dint of hard work
  1210. diorama
    life-size, three-dimensional scene from nature or history; three-dimensional scene with modeled figures against a painted background
  1211. dire
    warning of disaster; disastrous; (of needs and dangers) very great; urgent; Ex. dire prediction/need of food
  1212. dirge
    funeral song; slow mournful piece of music (sung over a dead person)
  1213. disabuse
    correct a false impression; undeceive; free from a wrong belief
  1214. disaffected
    disloyal; lacking loyality; V. disaffect: cause to lose affection or loyalty
  1215. disapprobation
    disapproval; condemnation
  1216. disarray
    state of disorder; a disorderly or untidy state; Ex. with her clothes in disarray
  1217. disavowal
    denial; disclaiming; repudiating; disowning; V. disavow; CF. disclaim
  1218. disband
    dissolve; disperse; (of a group) break up and separate; Ex. The club has disbanded.
  1219. disburse
    pay out (as from a fund); N. disbursement; CF. purse
  1220. discernible
    distinguishable; perceivable; Ex. discernible improvement
  1221. discerning
    mentally quick and observant; having insight; perceptive; able to make good judgments; V. discern: perceive
  1222. disclaim
    disown; renounce claim to; deny; CF. disclaimer
  1223. disclose
    reveal; N. disclosure
  1224. discombobulated
    discomposed; confused
  1225. discompose
    disturb the composure of; confuse
  1226. discomfit
    frustrate; put to rout; defeat; disconcert; embarrass; perturb
  1227. disconcert
    confuse; upset; embarrass; perturb
  1228. disconsolate
    hopelessly sad (at the loss of something)
  1229. discord
    conflict; lack of harmony; dissonance (when musical notes are played)
  1230. discordant
    not harmonious; conflicting
  1231. discount
    disregard; regard (a story or news) as unimportant; deduct from a cost
  1232. discourse
    serious speech, writing, or conversation; formal discussion (either written or spoken); conversation; V.
  1233. discredit
    defame; disgrace; destroy confidence in; disbelieve; N. CF. discreditable: causing discredit; shameful
  1234. discrepancy
    lack of consistency or agreement as between facts; difference; Ex. discrepancy between two descriptions
  1235. discrete
    separate; unconnected
  1236. discretion
    prudence; ability to adjust actions to circumstances; freedom of action or judgment; ADJ. discreet; CF. discretionary
  1237. discriminating
    able to see differences; discerning; prejudiced; N. discrimination
  1238. discriminate
    distinguish; make distinctions on the basis of preference
  1239. brisk
    quick and active; marked by liveliness and vigor
  1240. discursive
    (of a person or writing) digressing; rambling (without any clear plan)
  1241. disdain
    treat with scorn or contempt
  1242. disembark
    debark; go ashore (from a ship); unload cargo from a ship; CF. embark
  1243. disenfranchise
    disfranchise; deprive of a civil right; OP. enfranchise
  1244. disengage
    uncouple; separate; disconnect; stop fighting; OP. engage
  1245. disfigure
    mar the appearance of; spoil
  1246. disgorge
    surrender something (stolen); eject; vomit; OP. gorge
  1247. disgruntle
    make discontented
  1248. dishearten
  1249. disheveled
    untidy (of hair or clothing); V. dishevel
  1250. disinclination
  1251. disingenuous
    not naive; not candid; sophisticated; worldly wise; OP. ingenuous
  1252. disinter
    dig up; unearth; OP. inter
  1253. disinterested
    unprejudiced; free from bias and self-interest; objective
  1254. disjointed
    disconnected; lacking coherence; V. disjoint: disconnect; disjoin
  1255. disjunction
    act or state of separation; disunity; CF. disjunctive: expressing a choice between two ideas; CF. conjunction; CF. conjunctive
  1256. dislodge
    remove (forcibly); force out of a position; Ex. dislodge the food caught in his throat; CF. lodge
  1257. dismantle
    take apart; disassemble
  1258. mantle
    loose sleeveless outer garment; cloak; something that covers or envelops; the layer of the earth between the crust and the core
  1259. crust
    hard outer covering (as of earth or snow)
  1260. dismember
    cut into small parts; cut (a body) apart limb from limb
  1261. dismiss
    eliminate from consideration; no longer consider; put out of court without further hearing; reject; discharge from employment; direct to leave; ADJ. dismissive; N. dismissal
  1262. disparage
  1263. maneuver(manoeuver)
    strategic military or naval movement (done for training purposes); carefully planned process; stratagem; V: carry out a military maneuver; use maneuvers in gaining an end
  1264. disparate
    basically different; impossible to compare; unrelated
  1265. disparity
    difference; condition of inequality; OP. parity
  1266. dispassionate
    calm; impartial; not influenced by personal feelings
  1267. dispatch
    speediness; prompt execution; message sent with all due speed; V: send to a specified destination; finish promptly; kill
  1268. dispel
    scatter; drive away; cause to vanish
  1269. dispense
    distribute; prepare and give out (medicines); N. dispensation: dispensing; religious system; official exemption from an obligation or a rule
  1270. disperse
    scatter; Ex. disperse the cloud/crowd
  1271. dispirited
    lacking in spirit
  1272. disport
    amuse; Ex. disport oneself; CF. divert
  1273. disputatious
    argumentative; fond of argument
  1274. disquietude
    uneasiness; anxiety; V. disquiet: make anxious
  1275. disquisition
    formal systematic inquiry; explanation of the results of a formal inquiry; long formal speech or written report
  1276. dissection
    analysis; cutting apart in order to examine
  1277. dissemble
    disguise; hide the real nature of; pretend
  1278. disseminate
    distribute; spread; scatter (like seeds)
  1279. dissent
  1280. dissertation
    formal essay; treatise
  1281. dissident
    dissenting (with an opinion, a group, or a government); rebellious; N.
  1282. dissimulate
    pretend; conceal by feigning; dissemble
  1283. dissipate
    squander; waste foolishly; scatter
  1284. dissolution
    disintegration; reduction to a liquid form; looseness in morals; sensual indulgence; debauchery; ADJ. dissolute: lacking in moral restraint; leading an immoral life
  1285. reduce
    diminish; bring to a weaker or more difficult condition; demote; lower in rank; separate into components by analysis; Ex. reduced to the ranks; Ex. reduce the house to rubble; N. reduction
  1286. dissuade
    persuade not to do; discourage; N. dissuasion
  1287. dissonance
  1288. distant
    reserved or aloof; cold in manner; Ex. distant greeting; ADV. distantly
  1289. distend
    expand; swell out
  1290. distill
    refine (a liquid by evaporating and subsequent condensation); concentrate; separate the most important parts from; Ex. distill fresh water from sea water; CF. brew
  1291. distinction
    honor; excellence; difference; contrast; discrimination; Ex. graduated with distinction; Ex. a writer of real distinction
  1292. distinct
    clearly different; clearly noticed
  1293. distinctive
    clearly different from others of the same kind
  1294. distort
    twist out of shape; give a false account of; misrepresent; N. distortion
  1295. distrait
    absentminded; distracted
  1296. distraught
    upset; distracted by anxiety; very anxious and troubled almost to the point of madness; Ex. distraught with grief/worry
  1297. distract
    take (one's attention) off something; upset emotionally; make anxious; ADJ. distracted
  1298. diurnal
    daily; occurring during the daytime
  1299. diva
    operatic singer; prima donna
  1300. diverge
    vary; go in different directions from the same point; ADJ. divergent: differing; deviating
  1301. diverse
    differing in some characteristics (from each other); various; N. diversity: variety; dissimilitude; lack of resemblance
  1302. diversion
    act of turning aside; pastime; V. divert: turn aside from a course; distract; amuse
  1303. divest
    strip (as of clothes); deprive (as of rights); dispossess; N. divestiture(divestment)
  1304. divine
    perceive intuitively (by or as if by magic); foresee the future; foretell; dowse; ADJ. N. divination
  1305. dowse
    use a divining rod to search for underground water or minerals
  1306. divulge
  1307. docile
    obedient; easily managed; submissive
  1308. ferocious
    fierce; violent; N. ferocity
  1309. docket
    program as for trial; book where such entries are made; list of things to be done; agenda; label fixed to a package listing contents or directions; V: describe in a docket
  1310. doctrinaire
    unable to compromise about points of doctrine; dogmatic; unyielding; marked by inflexible attachment to a doctrine without regard to its practical difficulties
  1311. doctrine
    teachings in general; particular principle (religious, legal, etc.) taught; dogma; tenet; ADJ. doctrinal
  1312. indoctrinate
    cause to accept a doctrine without questioning it; Ex. indoctrinated with mindless anti-communism
  1313. document
    provide written evidence (for a claim); record with documents; N.
  1314. doddering
    shaky; infirm from old age; V. dodder
  1315. merit
    deserve; ADJ. meritorious: deserving reward or praise
  1316. doff
    take off; OP. don
  1317. dogged
    determined; stubborn; stubbornly persevering; tenacious; Ex. Inspector Javert's dogged pursuit of Jean Valjean
  1318. persevere
    continue steadily in spite of difficulties
  1319. doggerel
    poor verse
  1320. dogmatic
    opinionated; holding stubbornly to one's opinion; arbitrary; doctrinal
  1321. doldrums
    blues; listlessness(lack of spirit or energy); slack(inactive) period; period of stagnation; ocean area near the equator where ships cannot move because there is no wind; Ex. in the doldrums
  1322. blues
    state of depression or melancholy; style of slow, mournful music (evolved from southern Black American songs)
  1323. dolorous
    sorrowful; N. dolor
  1324. dolt
    slow-thinking stupid person; CF. dull
  1325. domicile
    home; V. ADJ. domiciled: having one's domicile; Ex. He is domiciled in Britain.
  1326. domineer
    rule over tyrannically
  1327. dominate
    control; rule; enjoy a commanding position in; overlook from a height; ³»·Á´Ùº¸´Ù
  1328. dominant
    exercising the most influence; high and easily seen; stronger than the other part of a system; not recessive
  1329. don
    put on; OP. doff
  1330. outfit
    clothing or equipment for a special purpose; Ex. cowboy outfit
  1331. dormant
    sleeping; temporarily inactive; lethargic; latent
  1332. dormer
    window projecting upright from roof; CF. sleeping room
  1333. dorsal
    relating to the back of an animal; Ex. dorsal fin
  1334. dossier
    file of documents on a subject or person; file; CF. bundle of papers labeled on the back
  1335. dotage
    senility; feeblemindedness of old age; Ex. In one's dotage
  1336. dote
    be excessively fond of; show signs of mental decline
  1337. dour
    sullen; gloomy; stubborn
  1338. sullen
    silently showing ill humor or resentment; dark; gloomy
  1339. brood
    sit on in order to hatch; think deeply or worry anxiously; N: the young of certain animals; group of young birds hatched at one time
  1340. douse
    plunge into water or liquid; dip; immerse; drench; wet throughly; extinguish; throw water over; dowse
  1341. dowdy
    untidy (of a woman or clothes); slovenly; dressed in an unattractive way; shabby; CF. unattractive woman
  1342. downcast
    disheartened; dejected; sad; directed downward
  1343. drab
    dull; lacking color; cheerless ; Ex. drab coat/life
  1344. draconian
    extremely severe; Ex. draconian punishment; CF. Draco: Athenian politician
  1345. dregs
    sediment in a liquid; lees; worthless residue
  1346. drivel
    nonsense; foolishness; V: talk nonsense
  1347. nonsense
    speech or writing with no meaning; foolish behavior or language; Ex. make (a) nonsense of: spoil; cause to fail
  1348. dribble
    flow or fall in drops; let saliva flow out slowly from the mouth; move a ball; N.
  1349. drip
    fall or let fall in drops; shed drops; N: action or sound of falling in drops; liquid that falls in drops
  1350. trickle
    flow in drops or in a thin stream; N.
  1351. droll
    queer and amusing
  1352. queer
    strange; eccentric; deviating from the normal
  1353. drone
    idle person who lives on other people's work; male bee
  1354. drone
    talk dully; buzz or murmur like a bee; N.
  1355. murmur
    low, indistinct, continuous sound; V. CF. mumble
  1356. dross
    waste matter; worthless impurities
  1357. drudgery
    hard unpleasant work; menial work
  1358. drudge
    do drudgery; N: person who drudges
  1359. dubious
    questionable; (of something) causing doubt; (of someone) filled with doubt; N. dubiety
  1360. ductile
    malleable; pliable; (of metals) easily pulled into shape; flexible; (of someone) easily influenced or controlled
  1361. dulcet
    sweet sounding; pleasing to the ear; melodious
  1362. dumbfound(dumfound)
    astonish (making dumb); ADJ. dumbfounded, dumfounded, dumbstruck
  1363. dupe
    someone easily fooled or deceived; V: deceive
  1364. duplicity
    double-dealing; hypocrisy; being dishonest and deceitful; ADJ. duplicitous
  1365. duration
    length of time something lasts
  1366. duress
    forcible restraint, especially unlawfully; coercion by threat; illegal coercion; Ex. a promise made under duress
  1367. dutiful(duteous)
    (of people or their behavior) respectful; obedient (filled with a sense of duty)
  1368. dwindle
    shrink; reduce gradually
  1369. dynamic
    energetic; vigorously active
  1370. dynamo
    generator for producing electricity; energetic person
  1371. dyspeptic
    suffering from indigestion; N. dyspepsia: indigestion; difficulty in digesting food
  1372. dys-
    abnormal; impaired
  1373. dyslexia
    word blindness; learning disorder marked by impairment of the ability to read
  1374. dysentery
    inflammatory disorder of the lower intestinal tract
  1375. Concomitant
    adjective: naturally accompanying or associated."she loved travel, with all its concomitant worries"

    synonyms:attendant, accompanying, associated, related, connected; More

    noun: a phenomenon that naturally accompanies or follows something.
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