Cell Organelles

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  1. The stiff structure outside the cell membrane in a plant cell that provides support for the cell. Animal cells do not have them.
    cell wall
  2. The "solar panel" of plant cells, in which energy from the sun is converted into stored chemical energy by the process of photosynthesis. it contain chlorophyll and are found in plant cells, but not in animal cells
    chloroplast [KLOR-uh-plast]
  3. Thread-like structures containing protein and made of DNA, which itself contains the instructions for building, maintaining, and operating the cell.
    chromosomes [KROH-muh-sohms]
  4. The jelly-like matter of a living cell that is outside the nucleus. Organelles are contained in it.
    cytoplasm [SIY-tuh-pla-zuhm]
  5. An organelle that makes, stores, and transports molecules in the cell. Ribosomes are found in some parts of the thing.
    endoplasmic reticulum [EN-doh-plaz-mihk rih-TIHK-kyuh-luhm]
  6. Organelles that package molecules to send elsewhere within a cell. they are named for Camillo Golgi, who first described the structures in 1898.
    Golgi bodies [GOHL-jee]
  7. "Power plants" in the cytoplasm, where energy is released to a usable form, for organisms to function. they are dense in muscle cells, which need plenty of energy to contract.
    mitochondria [miy-tuh-KAHN-dree-uh]
  8. A differentiated structure within a cell--such as a mitochondria, vacuole, or chloroplast--that performs a specific function. A mitochondrion is one that changes chemical energy into a form that the cell can use
    organelle [or-guh-NEL]
  9. Organelles that produce protein for the cell.
    ribosomes [RIY-buh-sohmz]
  10. Organelles that store food, water, and wastes in a cell and help get rid of wastes. In a plant cell, a large central one takes up most of the cell.
    vacuoles [VA-kyuh-wohls]
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