ELA 2 Semester Exam

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  1. Patterns of Development
    • narration
    • description
    • process analysis
    • exemplification
    • comparison and contrast
    • classification and division
    • definition
    • cause and effect
  2. First person point of view
    when a character refers to himself
  3. irony
    the contrast between what is expected and what occurs
  4. situational irony
    contrast that develops from the context of the actions or characterization
  5. Theme
    an author's perspective or observation of the human condition. The characters, setting, and plot elements that serve as vehicles that assist in communicating the theme.
  6. SOAPSTone
    • subject
    • occasion
    • audience
    • purpose
    • speaker
    • tone
  7. An American Childhood
    Annie has a catharsis, she learns that she is stronger than despair, she looks under the microscope for herself, nobody else.

    Self-reliance is a quality that she develops, she can't get it from anything else
  8. The Writing Life
    • The pine lumber inside is unfinished but out side it is: a metaphor of her writing life
    • Cockpit: a metaphor everything you need to be successful needs to be at easy reach
  9. Sojourner
    • The muck is essential to growth of mangroves.
    • The mangroves are born from violence: verb choices
    • Intimate Tone- she lets you know her insights as an equal.
    • The mangroves represent a circle of life.
    • The mangroves feed on death and grow: the full circle of life: Situational irony
  10. Intricacy
    • This chapter is
    • the climax of the Via Positiva half of the book in which Dillard marvels at the
    • infinite intricacy of the universe and how that endlessly repeated, extravagant
    • detail seems to reveal a creator.  She
    • begins with her goldfish which, though only worth a quarter, is a brilliant
    • example of intricacy, down to the bloodcells whipping through its tail.  She continues to the chloroplasts in the
    • fishbowl.  The detail gets her pretty
    • worked up to the point that she marvels for a while, then discusses trying to
    • take it all in: step back and absorb the entire world.
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