Gasoline Powered Equipment Fueling and Maintenance

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  1. New Fuel Cycling Procedures?
    Utilize Fuel Filter Funnel

    Utilize Sea Foam Fuel Stabilizers

    Use of Stihl Oil for all 2-Cycle Fuel Mixtures- Add the appropriate ratio of 2- cycle Stihl oil, in addition to Sea Foam fuel stabilizer to all 2-cycle fuel mixtures.

    Use of Premium Fuel only- Use only 91

    • Regular use- Run all small engine gasoline-powered equipment for a minimum of 10 minutes each first day back.
    • Shipping tags- Effective immediately, place a shipping tag on gasoline containers indicating the date they were last filled.
  2. Sea-Foam Measurements for 1 gal & 5 gal ??
    Sea Foam Add 2oz.

    to 1 gal.  of fuel

    10 oz. of Sea -Foam

    to 5 gals of Fuel
  3. Stihl 2-Cycle Oil Measurements are?
    Add 1 pre-measures Container (2.6 oz)

    to 1 Gallon of Fuel
  4. Stihl 2-Cycle Oil Measurements

    Proper fuel to oil ratio is
  5. Fuel Containers should have?
    *Add shipping tag to fuel container with date fuel was placed in can. Replace gas if older than 9 months
  6. Fuel Filter Funnel?
    Proper fuel filter funnel
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Gasoline Powered Equipment Fueling and Maintenance
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