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  1. what is a corner kick?
    When a player plays the ball and it goes out of play over his goal line, but outside the goal, the other team restarts the game by taking a free kick from the small arc at the nearest corner flag
  2. Free Kick
    A dead-ball kick awarded to a team on account of an infringement of the rules by their opponents, who are not permitted to be closer than ten yards from the ball when the kick is taken.
  3. Full back
    A player whose role is mostly defensive
  4. Goal kick
    A dead-ball kick taken from within the goal area to restart play after the attacking team has played the ball over the goal line without scoring a goal
  5. kickoff
    A kick from the center spot that either starts a game, or restarts it after a goal or halftime
  6. offside
    A technical type of foul that occurs when a player who is in her opponents' half of the field has less then two opponents between her and the goal she is attacking when a teammate plays the ball
  7. Penalty Kick
    A direct free kick awarded as a result of a foul on the attacker inside the penalty area
  8. Sweeper
    A specialist back who operates behind the main line of defense to gather up balls that come through
  9. Throw-in
    The method of brining the ball back into play when it has passed over the touchline
  10. Wall
    A line of players, positioned ten yards in front of the ball at a free kick to block the goal
  11. how many players are on a soccer team
  12. what is the side line called
  13. what is the end line called
    goal line
  14. what is a direct kick
    a kick rewarded for kicking ,tripping, jumping at the opponent, violent charging, striking an opponent, holding, pushing, handling the ball, and charging from behind. A goal may be scored from a direct free kick
  15. what is a indirect kick
    a kick awarded for dangerous play.
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