Communication Management

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  1. Name the 4 communication types:
    • Formal written
    • Formal verbal
    • Informal written
    • Informal verbal
  2. When should formal written communication be used?
    • Complex problems
    • Project management plan
    • Project charter
    • Communication over long distances
  3. When should formal verbal communication be used?
    • Presentations
    • Speeches
  4. What are examples of informal written communication?
    • E-mail
    • Hand written notes
    • Text messages
    • Instant messages
  5. Give examples of informal verbal communication?
    • Meetings
    • Conversation
  6. Define active listening?
    The receiver confirms he/she is listening, expressing agreement or disagreement, and asks for clarification when necessary.
  7. List the different Communication Technologies;
    • face-to-face interactions
    • telephone
    • fax
    • mail
    • instant messaging
    • e-mail
    • virtual or in-person meetings
    • intranet or internet
  8. What are the communication methods?
    • Push
    • Pull
    • Interactive
  9. Communication channels can be calculated using what formula?

    N = the number of people
  10. Can the project manager control all problems?
    No. That would be impossible.
  11. Should the project manager try to control all communications?
    Yes. Otherwise changes, miscommunications, unclear directions, and scope creep can occur.
  12. What percent of a Project Manager's time is spent on communication?
    About 90%.
  13. Paralingual
    Pitch and tone of voice help to convey a spoken message.
  14. Status report vs Progress Report
    Status report communicates where the project currently stands regarding the performance measurement baseline. Where as a progress report describes what has been accomplished.
  15. What can be found in a Communication Management Plan?
    • what needs to be communicated
    • why
    • between whom
    • best method for communicating
    • responsibility for sending
    • when & how often
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