Operating Order

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  1. What System Operating Order describes the capabilities and limitations of the various overhead switch types?
  2. What Distribution Operating Order describes the various types of reclosers as well as the criteria for blocking automatic reclosing to facilitate Live Line Permits and Assurance of No Reclose Permits?
  3. What Distribution Operating Order describes the operation of Vista switchgear?
    1D-08 “Vista Underground Distribution Switchgear Operation”
  4. Where is the feeder cable switching procedure to be followed by Load Operators found?
    A section of 2T-27 is dedicated to “Feeder Cable Switching”.
  5. Where is the Communication Protocol to be followed by the PIC and field worker found?
    Safety Practice Regulations & S.O.O. 1T-13.
  6. What System Operating Order defines the life cycle of an SPG card?
  7. Where is BC Hydro’s feeder reclosing policy documented?
    Distribution Operating Order 1D-51 (Distribution Substation Feeder Reclosing Policy)
  8. Where is BC Hydro’s distribution substation bus reclosing policy documented?
    System Operating Order 1T-29B (Distribution Substation Bus Reclosing Policy (35 kV and Below)
  9. General and role-specific logging procedures can be found in what operating order?
    System Operating Order 1T-07 (Logging Procedures)
  10. The Switching Order procedure is defined in what operating order?
    System Operating Order 1T-06 (Switching Procedures, Designated Isolation Point and Equipment Not Ready for Service)
  11. What operating order describes the guidelines for using and updating POCC?
    Distribution Operating Order 1D-52 (POCC)
  12. What operating order describes specifically how POCC is to be used as a mimic display?
    Distribution Operating Order 1D-06 (Distribution Mimic Displays)
  13. What line of operating orders are the CROW guidelines described in?
    1T-54 System Operating Orders.
  14. What operating order describes alarm handling and the criteria for entering alarms in CROW?
    System Operating Order 1T-54B (CROW Event Processing)
  15. Where is the criteria listed for D3 switching involving series reactors?
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