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  1. temporalis
    • closes jaw
    • elevates and retracts mandible
  2. masseter
    closes jaw and elevates mandible
  3. epicranis frontal and occipital belly
    • frontal belly: raises eyebrows
    • occipital belly: fixes aponeuresis, pulls scalp posteriorly
  4. orbicularis oculi
    • squinting
    • produces blinking
    • closes eyes
    • draws eyebrows inferiorly
    • can be activated individually
  5. orbicularis oris
    • closes mouth
    • purses and protudes lips
    • (kissing and whistling muscle)
  6. zygomaticus major
    • raises lateral corners of mouth upward
    • (smiling muscle)
  7. depressor anguli oris
    • zygomaticus antagonist
    • draws corners of mouth downward and laterally
  8. depressor labii inferioris
    draws lower lip inferiorly
  9. mentalis
    • protudes lower lip
    • wrinkles chin
  10. risorius
    • draws corner of lip laterally
    • tenses lip
    • zygomaticus synergist
  11. platysma
    • depresses mandible
    • pulls lower lip back and down
    • produces downward sag of the mouth
  12. sternocleidomastoid
    rotate head toward shoulder on opposite side
  13. external oblique
    • aid muscles of back in trunk rotation
    • lateral flexion
    • (used oblique curls)
  14. rectus abdominis
    • flexes and rotates vertebral column
    • increases abdominal pressure
    • fixes and depresses ribs
    • stabilizes pelvis during walking
    • (used in sit-ups and curls)
  15. serratus anterior
    • moves scapula forward toward chest wall
    • rotates scapular, causing inferior angle to moves laterally and upward
    • abduction and raising of arm
  16. pectoralis major
    • prime mover of arm, flexion, adducts
    • medially rotates arm
    • arm fixed, pulls chest upward
  17. deltoid
    • prime mover of arm abduction
    • aid flexion, extension and rotation
    • acts as a whole
  18. trapezius
    • extends head, raises, rotates, and retracts (adducts) scapula and stabilizes it
    • superior fibers elevate scapula
    • inferior fibers depress it
  19. latissimus dorsi
    • prime mover of arm extension
    • adducts and medially rotates arm
    • depresses scapula
    • brings arm down in power stroke, as in striking a blow
  20. biceps brachii
    • flexion of elbow and supination of forearm
    • weak arm flexor
    • "it turns the corkscrew and pulls the cork"
  21. triceps brachii
    • powerful forearm extensor
    • antagonist of forearm flexors
  22. extensor carpi radialis longus
    extends and abducts wrist
  23. extensor carpi ulnaris
    extends and adducts wrist
  24. extensor digitorum
    • prime mover of finger extension
    • extends wrist
    • can flare (abduct) finger
  25. flexor carpi ulnaris
    powerful flexor of wrist, abducts hand
  26. flexor carpi radialis
    powerful flexor of wrist, abducts hands
  27. flexor digitorum superficialis
    flexes wrist and middle phalanges of fingers 2-5
  28. gluteus maximus
    • laterally rotates and abducts thigh
    • antagonist of iliopsoas
    • complex, powerful thigh extensor
  29. sartorius
    • flexes, abducts and laterally rotates thigh
    • flexes knee also known as tailors's muscle
    • helps effect cross-legged position
  30. tensor fasciae latae
    • flexes, abducts
    • medially rotates thigh
    • steadies trunk
  31. rectus femoris
    extends knee and flexes thigh at hip
  32. vastus lateralis
    extends and stabilizes knee
  33. vastus medialis
    • extends knee
    • stabilizes patella
  34. vastus intermedius
    extends knee
  35. gracilis
    adducts flexes and medially rotates thigh
  36. biceps femoris
    • extends thigh
    • laterally rotates legs
    • flexes knee
  37. semitendinosus
    • extends thigh
    • flexes knee
    • medially rotates leg
  38. gastrocnemious
    • plantar flexes foot when knee is extended
    • crosses knee joint
    • flex knee
  39. soleus
    • plantar flexion
    • (important for locomotion)
  40. extensor digitorum longus
    • prime mover of toe extension
    • dorsiflexes foot
  41. tibialis anterior
    • prime mover of dorsiflexion
    • inverts foot
    • supports longitudinal arch of foot

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