chapter 33 hygiene

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  1. What are 5 major functions of the skin?
    • 1. protect underlying tissues
    • 2. regulate body temperature
    • 3. secret sebum
    • 4. transmit sensations through nerve receptors for sensory perception
    • 5. produce and absorb vitamin D in conjunction with ultraviolet rays from the sun
  2. Define sebum
    oily substances secreted by the skin that softens and lubricates the hair and skin
  3. Apocrine glands
    sweat glands located in the axillae and androgenital areas, that begin to function at puberty. 

    (fyi: have little use in thermoregulation)
  4. Eccrine glands
    produce sweat that cools the body through evaporation
  5. Ammonia Dermatitis
    diaper rash caused by skin bacteria reacting with urea in urine. 

    (fyi: use ointments containing zinc oxide)
  6. Nursing assessment of the skin and hygienic practices includes considerations to the following:
    1. nursing health history to determine the client's skin care practices, self-care abilities, and past or current skin problems

    2. physical assessment of the skin
  7. What is the purpose for bathing?
    1. remove accumulated oil, perspiration, dead skin cells, and some bacteria

    2. stimulates circulation 

    3. produce a sense of well-being
  8. Cleansing baths are
    given chiefly for hygiene purposes
  9. Water for a cleansing bath should generally be what temperature?
    110°F to 115°F
  10. Why are therapeutic baths given?
    for physical effect, with or without medication in the water
  11. What temperature should the water for a therapeutic bath be?
    110°F to 115°F
  12. Define hygiene 
    Science of health and its maintenance 
  13. define pyorrhea
    Advanced periodontal disease with loose teeth and pus expresses when gums are pressed 
  14. sudoriferous glands
    produce sweat from almost all body surfaces (AKA sweat glands) 
  15. What is a comfortable room temperature for most patients? 
    Between 68o and 74o
  16. Water used to shampoo should be set to what temperature? 
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