Figurative Language

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  1. What is Alliteration?
    • Repitition of vowel sound.
    • Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
  2. What is Assonance?
    • Repitition of a vowel sound.
    • The sound of the hound was bound to make me crazy.
  3. What is Hyperbole?
    • Exaggeration
    • I am so hungry; I could eat a horse.
  4. What is Personification?
    • Giving human qualities to something that is not human.
    • The trees danced in the wind.
  5. What is Metaphor?
    • A comparison that does not use like or as.
    • Her face is an open book.
  6. What is Simile?
    • A comparison that uses like or as.
    • Her face is like an open book.
  7. What is Onomatopoeia?
    • A word that sounds like what it mean
    • Crack! Boom! Blam!
  8. What is symbolism?
    • Something that represents or stands for something else.
    • A dove is a symbol of peace
  9. What is irony?
    • Something that is unexpected.
    • You want your brother to get in trouble, but you get in trouble instead.
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