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  1. ´╗┐group of organic chemicals that are insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents lipids
  2. one of the building blocks of a fat molecule fatty acids
  3. organic compound that is a building block for fat molecules glycerol
  4. single carbon-carbon bonds link all the carbon atoms saturated fatty acid
  5. one or more double bonds between carbon atoms unsaturated fatty acids
  6. type of organic molecule including complex rings of carbon and hydrogen atoms steroids 
  7. molecule consisting of two fatty acids and phosphate group bound to a glycerol molecule phospholipids
  8. lipid composed of three fatty acids and glycerol molecule triglycerides
  9. forms the "head" of the molecule and is soluble in water(phospholipids) hydrophilic
  10. forms the "tail" and is the fatty portion that is insoluble in water hydrophobic
  11. nitrogen containing organic compound composed of bonded amino acid proteins
  12. protein that catalyzes a specific biochemical reaction enzymes
  13. organic compound that includes an amino group and a carboxyl group; the structural unit of a protein molecule amino acids
  14. Three dimensional structure of a protein, determined by its amino acid sequence and attractions and repulsions between amino acids in different parts of the molecule conformation
  15. amino acid sequence of the polypeptide chain primary structure
  16. the polypeptide chain of a protein molecule is often either pleated of twisted to form a coil secondary structure
  17. three dimensional folding tertiary structure
  18. two or more polypeptide chains may be connected to form a single protein molecule quaternary structure
  19. dramatic change denature
  20. known as a side chain; it distinguishes one type of amino acid from another group R
  21. a molecule that is composed of bonded nucleotides; RNA or DNA nucleic acid
  22. building block of a sugar, nitrogenous base, and phosphate group nucleotides
  23. ribonucleic acid RNA
  24. Deoxyribonucleic acid, the genetic material DNA
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