Ecosystems NB14

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  1. What is a Biologist?
    a person who studies living organisms.

    • Examples:
    • microbiologist (studies microorganisms)
    • ecologist (studies relations between organisms and their environment)
    • botanist (studies plants)
  2. What is Biodiversity?
    The variety of life forms-- plants, animals and fungi (and other microscopic life forms) in a given area (such as habitat or ecosystems).
  3. What is carrying capacity?
    the number of animals and plant life that the resources of a habitat can support.

    The number of animals a environment can support depends on there being enough space, habitat, food and water for the animals.  Any one of these could be the limiting factor.
  4. Commensalism
    is a class of relationship between two organisms where one organism benefits without affecting the other.
  5. Community
    all the plants and animals in a certain habitat that are bound together by food chains and other interrelations.
  6. Ecologist
    a scientist who studies the relationship of living things to one another and their environment.
  7. Ecosystem
    • a natural area that includes living and nonliving parts that interact to produce a stable system that is linked together by energy and nutrient flow.
  8. Endemic 
    a plant or animal that naturally occurs only in a certain geographic area.Examples: yellow-billed magpie is endemic to the Sacramento Valley
  9. Environmental
    • all of the surroundings (living and nonliving) in which a person, animal or plant lives.
    • Examples: air, water, plants, animals, humans.
  10. Life cycle
    a series of growth stages in the life of any life of any plant or animal.
  11. Mutualism
    A close association between two different species where each species gets some benefits.
  12. Niche
    the role played by an organism in its biological community; think of it as the plant or animal’s job –what it does and how it does it.
  13. Organism
    a living thing
  14. Symbiosis
    an intimate relationship between members of two different species.
  15. Wildlife
    animals that are not tamed or domesticated.
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