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  1. bag bath
    the use of a commercially packaged kit with 8 to 10 premoistened, disposable cloths in a plastic bag or container and is another form of a bed bath
  2. bed bath
    washing with a basin of water at the bedside
  3. bridge
    a dental appliance that replaces one or several teeth
  4. caries
  5. cuticles
    thin edge of a skin at the base of the nail
  6. dentures
    artificial teeth
  7. gingivitis
    inflammation of the gums
  8. hygiene
    those practices that help in promoting heath through personal cleanliness
  9. integument
  10. ophthalmologist
    a medical doctor who treats eye disorders
  11. optometrist
    a person who prescribes corrective lenses
  12. oral hygiene
    those practices used to clean the mouth, especially brushing and flossing the teeth
  13. partial bath
    washing only those body areas that are subject to greatest soiling or that are sources of body odor: generally, the face, hands, axillae, and perineal area
  14. perineal care
    peri-care; techniques used to cleanse the perineum
  15. periodontal disease
    condition that result in destruction of the tooth-supporting structures and jawbone
  16. plaque
    a substance composed of mucin and other gritty substances in saliva
  17. podiatrist
    person with special training in caring for the feet
  18. sordes
    dried crusts containing mucus, microorganisms, and epithelial cells shed from the mucous membrane
  19. tartar
    hardened plaque
  20. towel bath
    using a single large cloth to cover and wash a client
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