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  1. Functional Syncytium
    A mass if cells performing as a unit; those of the heart are joined electrically (page 567)
  2. Atrial Syncytium
    Network of Cardiac muscle cells connected by intercalated discs that lend to the coordinated contraction of the Atria. (No definition given in the book for this)
  3. Ventricular Syncytium
    Network of Cardiac muscles cells connected by gap junctions that lends to the coordinated contraction of the Ventricles. (No definition given in the book for this)
  4. Cardiac Conduction System
    System of specialized cardiac muscle fibers that conduct cardiac impulses from the SA node throughout the Myocardium. (Page 567)
  5. Sino atrial (SA) Node
    Specialized tissue in the wall of the right Atrium that initiates cardiac cycles; the “Pacemaker”. (Page 567)
  6. Pacemaker
    Mass of specialized Cardiac Muscle tissue that controls the rhythm of the heartbeat; the SA Node. (Page 568)
  7. Atrioventricular (AV) Node
    Specialized mass of Cardiac muscle fibers in the interatrial septum of the heart; conducts cardiac impulses from the SA Node to the AV bundle, AV Node. (Page 568)
  8. AV Bundle (Bundle of HIS)
    Groups of specialized muscle fibers that conducts impulses from the Atrioventricular Node to the Purkinje fibers in the Ventricular muscle of the heart, AV Bundle, bundle of HIS. (Page 568)
  9. Purkinje Fibers
    Specialized muscle fibers that conduct impulses from the AV bundle into the Ventricular walls. (Page 568)
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