Aphasia: Blood Supply

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  1. What are the 2 major arterial systems? What do they arise from?
    • Carotid & vertebrobasilar systems
    • Aortic arch
  2. Carotid artery system
    What does it supply most of?
    The ____ (brachiocephalic) artery comes directly off the aortic arch and goes to the right common ___ and right ___ arteries.
    The left common carotid comes off the apex of the aortic arch. The left ___ artery branches from it. 

    Below the angle of the mandible, each divides into ___ and ___ carotid arteries. After entering the skull via the temp. bone, it goes to the ___ space, then each internal carotid divides into ___ and ___ cerebral arteries 

    This system provides ___ blood supply (anterior or posterior?)
    • Cerebral hemispheres
    • Innominate; carotid, subclavian
    • Subclavian
    • internal, external
    • subarachnoid, middle, anterior
    • Anterior
  3. Vertebrobasilar system
    Supplies which lobes?
    Vertebral arteries arise as first branches off the ___ arteries. They ascend in foramen of transverse processes of upper 6 ___ vertebrae.
    Then they enter the __ space, then ___ ___. At lower level of ___, unite to form one basilar artery. The basilar artery divides into ___ cerebral arteries at the level of the ___.
    This system provides __ blood supply (Anterior or posterior)
    • Occipital, portions of temporal
    • Subclavian
    • Cervical
    • subarachnoid, foramen magnum
    • pons
    • Posterior, midbrain
    • Posterior
  4. Circle of Willis
    Arterial circle located at the base of the brain surrounding the ___ ___ and ___ ___

    What does it consist of?

    What does it connect?
    What does it provide?
    • Optic chiasm, pituitary stalk
    • Right anterior cerebral artery: Right internal carotid artery: Right posterior communicating artery: Right posterior cerebral artery: L posterior cerebral artery: L posterior
    • communicating artery: L internal carotid artery: L anterior cerebral artery: anterior communicating artery

    • Posterior & Anterior cerebral blood systems 
    • Collateral circulation:(if occlusion to one internal carotid artery, the posterior blood supply
    • could probably take over); allows blood flow between the two hemispheres
  5. Anterior cerebral arteries
    What do they supply?
    Medial surface of hemisphere and superior border of frontal and parietal lobes
  6. Middle cerebral arteries
    Runs along the ___ fissure and splits into inferior and superior division
    Supplies most of ___ surfaces, superior and lateral portions of the ___ lobes, lateral surface of ___ lobe, and deep structures of __ and ___ lobes (i.e. perisylvian language zone)

    Why are these important? (What specifically do these arteries supply?)

    What supplies the basal ganglia and internal capsule?

    What are these most commonly affected by?
    • Lateral
    • Lateral, temporal, frontal, frontal/parietal
    • Motor speech areas, Wernicke's, perisylvian language zone
    • Lenticulostriate arteries off middle cerebral
    • Stroke (related to size of brain area this artery supplies)
  7. Posterior cerebral arteries 
    What do they supply?
    Penetrating arteries off of posterior travel deep into hemisphere to supply ___
    • Occipital lobe and medial & inferior portion of temporal lobe
    • Thalamus
  8. Watershed areas
    Border zone region located between ___ branches and ___ branches on lateral surface of each hemisphere
    ACA, MCA
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