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  1. What would you do if you were rich?
  2. What's the most interesting prank you have ever been involved in?
  3. If you had to design Heaven, what would you make it look like?
  4. Know any jokes?
  5. What is the most unusual thing you have ever eaten, and why?
  6. If you could have one comic-book super power, which one would you choose?
  7. What would be the most disgusting flavor of ice cream you can think of?
  8. What would you do if you could become invisible?
  9. What is the most notable thing that God has ever done in your life?
  10. What's on your bucket list?
  11. What would you do if you never had to work again?
  12. If God was going to grant you one wish of your choice, what would it be?
  13. What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you in the last year?
  14. What are you most looking forward to in the future (besides going to Heaven)?
  15. What is the greatest thing God has done for you in the last few years?
  16. What would be the most useless super power you can think of?
  17. Would you rather have a million dollars or the ability to fly like superman?
  18. Would you rather have a million dollars or never feel any pain again?  (assuming you can still feel everything else).
  19. Would you rather have green skin or a third eye?
  20. Would you rather be deaf or unable to walk?
  21. What are you most grateful about in the last year?
  22. What problem would you most like to have God take away right now?
  23. If you could create one law, and the US government had to enforce it, what law would you create?
  24. What piece of technology do you hate most?
  25. Where would you LEAST like to live?
  26. What job have you had in the past that you are most grateful NOT to still be working in?
  27. What are your dreams usually like? (I mean the sleeping kind.)
  28. What scared you most when you were a kid?
  29. If you could choose how you were going to die, what would it be?
  30. What is your favorite conversation topic?
  31. Would you rather win the lottery or marry the spouse of your dreams?
  32. What would be your dream job?
  33. What future invention from Sci-Fi movies would you most like to have now?
  34. What is your proudest achievement?
  35. What would you do if you never had to sleep again?
  36. If someone gave you a million dollars but you could only spend it on going out to do fun stuff, what would you do with it?
  37. What is the most memorable date you have ever been on?
  38. What is your biggest pet peeve on a date?
  39. What is your biggest pet peeve at social events?
  40. What kind of volunteer work would you most like to do?
  41. Would you sell one of your hands for a billion dollars if it wasn’t illegal?
  42. What’s the scariest thing that ever happened to you while in a car?
  43. What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you at work?
  44. What’s the grossest thing anyone has ever done to you, or you have done to someone?
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