endocrine system part 1

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  1. endocrine system
    interacts with the nervous system to coordinate and integrate the activity of body cells
  2. means of control of the endocrine system
    • -endo syst influences the metabolic activity by means of hormones (to excite) 
    • -hormones are chemical messengers secreted by cells into extracellular fluids 
    • -these messengers travel through the blood and regulate the metabolic function of other cells in the body
  3. speed of the endocrine system
    binding of a hormone to cellular receptor initiates responses that typically occur after lag period of seconds or even days but once initiated they tend to last longer than those induced by the nervous syst
  4. hormones control and integrate include
    • -reproduction 
    • -growth n development 
    • -maintenance of electrolyte, water and nutrient balance of the blood 
    • -regulation of cellular metabolism and energy balance 
    • -mobilization of body defenses
  5. exocrine glands
    produce non-hormonal substances such as sweat and saliva and have ducts that carry these substances to a membrane surface
  6. endocrine glands aka ductless glands
    • produce hormones n lack ducts
    • -release hormones into the surrounding tissue fluid 
    • -have a rich vascular and lymphatic drainage that receives their hormones.
    • hormone producing cells are arranged in cords and branching networks to maximize contact between them and the capillaries
  7. endocrine glands include
    • pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and pineal glands 
    • hypothalamus along with other neuron function produce and release hormones- neuronendocrine organ
    • also the pancreas, gonads, and the placenta contain endocrine tissue
  8. examples of other organs that contain endocrine cells or small cluster
    • adipose cells release leptin 
    • thymus releases thymic hormones 
    • and hormone-producing cells are found in the walls of small intestines, stomach kidneys and heart
  9. hormones
    long-distance chemical signals that travel in blood or lymph throughout the body
  10. local chemical messengers
    • autocrines are chemicals that exert their effects on the same cells that secrete them 
    • paracrine also act locally, but affect cells types other than those releasing the paracrine chemicals
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