The Landscape of History

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  1. What is Chapter 1 about?
    • Indirect vs. Direct experience
    • Historians of the present have an advantage of an expanded view
    • History is a representation of the past

  2. What is Chapter 2 about?
    • The ability of historians to travel through time
    • But within the confines of what is left in the records
    • But we are not representatives of literal reality...are able to use imagination to best fill the gaps
    • Selectivity, Simultaneity, Scale
    • Cartography to explain space
  3. What is Chapter 3 about?
    • here is where agreement definitely happens between the two
    • if time and space is the field
    • structure and process is the mechanism
    • historians will never be able to view the experiment, we arrive after the fact to piece it together
    • the face of Ramses/cannon at Austerlitz
    • reproducibility and history a science?
  4. What is Chapter 4 about?
    • How can independent variables exist?
    • do variables not count on each other?
    • reductionism-why is it so pushed?
    • it is hardly the only form on scientific investigation
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